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Fusion Of Medical Images

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The project presents multi focus image fusion using stationary wavelet transform with local directional pattern and spatial frequency analysis. Multi focus image fusion in wireless visual sensor networks is a process of fusing two or more images to obtain a new one which contains a more accurate description of the scene than any of the individual source images. The low frequency sub band coefficients are fused by selecting coefficient having maximum spatial frequency. It indicates the overall active level of an image. The high frequency sub band coefficients are fused by selecting coefficients having maximum The finest details of two images are characterized by local directional pattern descriptors before fusion and it describes local primitives including different types of curves, corners and junctions.


Existing Method:

  • Image averaging and maximization method
  • Principal component analysis
  • Discrete wavelet Transform


 Proposed system:

  • Multi-focus image fusion based on,
  • Stationary Wavelet Transform and Spatial Frequency Estimation



  • Efficient compression ratio
  • Accuracy is high
  • Visual quality is high
  • Security is high



  • Loss of edge details due to blocking artifacts and down sampling
  • Contrast information loss due to averaging method
  • Maximizing approach is sensitive to sensor noise Inefficient compression ratio
  • Accuracy is less
  • Visual quality is low
  • Security is less



  • Remote sensing
  • Medical and Surveillance systems
  • Multi Focus Camera Imaging
  • Medical imaging
  • Wireless visual sensor network Imaging


 Block diagram:

Fusion Of Medical Images



Software Requirement:

  • Matlab 2014a version
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