Multi-Level Image Retrieval for Large Scale Images

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The goal of this paper is to design and implement a home security system by integrating smartphone and home network services in the absence of residents. With the visitor pressing the doorbell, the device records and sends the CCTV of the visitor to the user. Our system provides a convenient user interface for the user to know the surroundings and take appropriate action accordingly. This is implemented by interlocking with the real-time SMS server that sends warning messages to users when the doorbell is pressed. Raspberry pi supports video and saving images, text, and GUI features. Our smart bell system presented in this paper supports video, saving images, warning notices, and other features. So using an open cv we are detecting the face of the person and sending a warning message if necessary using IOT.

Existing systems:

Used just voice recording and gsm-based message sending for warning.

Proposed system:

Use the transmission protocol and uses the internet standard protocol. There is an advantage that it is easy to access the system

Hardware Tools:

  • Raspberry pi
  • Web camera
  • Driver unit
  • Motor

Software Tools:

  • Raspbian
  • Python


  • home appliance
  • industrial application
  • security system

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