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The World’s Largest Selection Of Courses

Get to choose from the World’s largest collection of Self-explanatory, Digital E Courses on core domains with multiple access options of mentored & self-paced learning.

Matlab Programming
₹500.00 ₹350.00

IIPM Certified Training on MATLAB Programming

IIPM certified training on MATLAB Programming. The curriculum framed to ensure the participants to get more knowledge on practical.

evinternship iete
₹2,750.00 ₹2,250.00

Internship on RE & Electric Vehicle Design ( One Month) – IETE Certification

Pantech elearning and IETE certified internship on renewable energy and electric vehicle design using MATLAB. The internship will packed with the assignments and the project works.

Internship on Renewable Energy
₹1,250.00 ₹1,000.00

Internship on Renewable Energy & EV Design (15 Days) – IETE Certification

Pantech elearning Internship provides the insight of renewable energy sources and the simulink designs using MATLAB. The Complete internship will be on Practical approach.

Machine Learning Training
₹1,250.00 ₹1,000.00

Internship on Machine Learning (15 Days) – IETE Certification

IETE Certified 15 Days Internship helps the participants to get more on hands on sessions and will enrich the practical knowledge.

Data science pantech elearning workshop on data analytics
₹300.00 ₹250.00

Workshop on Data Visualisation – NITK STEP

Pantech designed this workshop for learning communities in an easy way to get into the data science and data analytics. More on practical approach and the algorithms.

machinelearnining internship iete

Internship on Machine Learning ( One Month) – IETE Certification

Looking for a career in Machine Learning? This Intern is the best suited for you. Learn from the scratch to creating complex algorithms on Machine Learning.

Enjoy the top notch learning methods and achieve next level skills! You are the creator of your own career & we will guide you through that. Register Free Now!​


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