Brain Tumor Analysis Using Cuckoo Search Optimization - Matlab


Brain Tumor Analysis Using Cuckoo Search Optimization


A combination of airborne and satellite-based remote sensing is currently used for operational oil-spill monitoring worldwide. Spaceborne satellite-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images provide an overview of large ocean areas, and surveillance aircraft can be directed to check possible oil-spill locations to verify the spill and catch the polluter. Oil-spill detection is most effectively performed on a large scale using SAR images due to its all-weather capabilities (given wind speeds in the range of 2? 14 m/s) and good coverage.? In this paper by using a neural network the oil spill regions have been extracted in the radar image. Brain Tumor Analysis Using Cuckoo Search Optimization – Matlab

Brain Tumor Analysis Using Cuckoo Search Optimization

Existing Method

  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Local binary pattern and shape features
  • KNN and FNN classifier

Drawbacks of Existing method

  • High Computational load and poor discriminatory power.
  • LBP doesn’t differentiate the local texture region.
  • FNN is slow training for a large feature set.
  • Less accuracy in classification

Proposed Method

  • DRLBP and GLCM
  • Neural Network classifier


  • Color Space Conversion
  • GLCM Features Extraction
  • DRLBP (Discriminative Robust Local Binary Pattern)
  • NN Training and Classification
  • Fuzzy c-means clustering


  • DRLBP has better discriminatory power
  • NN is fast and better compatible in classification.
  • Low computational complexity


  • Surveillance aircraft
  • Oil-spill monitoring

Software Requirement

  • Matlab2014a and above versions


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