DNA Fragmentation Pattern Recognition using Neural Networks


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The main objective of this project is to safety and security with autonomous region based automatic car system.


A new approach towards automobile safety and security with autonomous region based automatic car system is proposed in this concept. We propose three distinct but closely related concepts viz. a Drowsy Driver Detection system and a traffic detection system with external vehicle intrusion avoidance based concept. In recent time’s automobile fatigue related crashes have really magnified. In order to minimize these issues, we have incorporated driver alert system by monitoring both the driver’s eyes as well as sensing as well as the driver situation based local environment recognition based opencv system is proposed.


IR sensor placing on eye for fatigue detection the problem with the system it is having user aiding in complex with placing sensor over the eye directly. The system GPS based location sharing services when accident happened with GSM module. The status about the vehicle is analyzed when the vehicle accident detected


  • Performance depends on compiler
  • Poor code density
  • RISC has a fixed size of instruction format
  • Small number of instructions


  • Image processing is applied for the detection of eye detection and region classification
  • Driver Assistance system with camera
  • External vehicle availability detection
  • Human detection based attention speech assistance


  • Driver Assistance system with cameras focusing user hash free user assistance provided.
  • M2M communication systems.
  • Alcohol Detection System in Cars? provides an automatic safety system for cars and other vehicles as well.


  • Raspberry pi
  • Web Camera
  • Ultrasonic SENSOR
  • Seatbelt Sensor
  • Alcohol Sensor
  • Sd card


  • Raspberry pi OS: Raspbian stretch
  • Programming platform: python 3 IDLE
  • Programing language: python 3
  • Library: OpenCV


  1. IOT
  2. OPEN CV


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