Palm Vein Pattern Recognition using Matlab

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Palm Vein Pattern Recognition using Matlab

The project presents robust palm vein recognition using hybrid texture descriptors such as discriminative robust local ternary pattern and Weber’s local descriptor for improving the recognition accuracy. A Biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system that makes use of biometric traits to recognize individuals. There was a negative effect on recognition performance on fingerprint and palmprint biometrics due to the some conditions such as oil on the fingers, moisture, and dirt. Therefore, vein patterns stand out from the host of intrinsic biometric traits for development of a recognition system that can meet all these expectations. Vein patterns are the network structure of blood vessels underneath the human skin that are almost invisible to the naked eye under natural lighting conditions and can be acquired in vivo only when employing infrared illumination, which effectively protects against possible external damage, spoof attacks, and impersonation. The texture of the blood vessels of different individuals has been proven to be distinctive even among identical twins. Initially the palm vein images are preprocessed to select the region of interest for vein pattern extraction. Here, local thresholding is used to extract the vein pattern for its texture analysis. Two textures descriptors called Weber?s local descriptors and DRLTP are proposed to extract the features about texture for recognizing with original templates. DRLTP is used to provide the shape and contrast invariant features of an object. WLD provides details about illumination changes between the pixels. Euclidean distance will be used to match the features of test and original templates for making decision on a person biometrics. Finally, the performance of proposed algorithm will be measured with recognition accuracy and it proves that it provides better matching rate than prior approaches.


  • Fingerprint/vein based person authentication
  • Gabor filter and Discrete wavelet transform
  • PCA and Local binary pattern


  • Less efficiency and not flexible in the authentication scheme
  • Poor discriminatory power
  • Inefficient texture features due to shifting variance
  • Less accuracy for various lighting conditions of images due to the delivery of insufficient descriptors.


Robust palm vein pattern recognition system based on,

  • Vein Pattern Analysis using Discriminative robust local ternary pattern and Weber’s local descriptor
  • IN


Palm Vein Pattern Recognition using Matlab 1


  • Low complexity and better flexibility in vein pattern extraction
  • Descriptors provide local contrast and luminance invariant features
  • It provides better recognition accuracy


  • MATLAB 2014a or above versions


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