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An improved method for reversible data hiding steganography combined with cryptography

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Information Security has always been a very substantial facet when it comes to hindering unauthorised access, destruction or inspection of confidential data. Today every field in the world makes use of multimedia information. There is need to secure the confidential information used in these areas. There are multiple approaches to secure information. One of them is Steganography, which is the nothing but hiding the information inside other data such that there is no detectable change in cover information. The auxiliary technique of securing information is cryptography, an encryption technique which scrambles the information into a scribbled form which is generally referred to as cipher. Both Steganography and Cryptography have their own advantages and limitations. Even though both methods provide security, to add multiple layers of security it is always a good practice to use Cryptography and Steganography together. So when cryptography and steganography are used together, it results in multi-layer security model. The main objective of the proposed work is to provide extra layer of security by introducing cryptography along with steganography to encrypt and embed the confidential information



 Cryptography, an encryption technique which disarrange the information into some particular form so that only intended user can read and process it. Steganography is act of hiding messages in such a way that the only recipient can make out the existance of the message [1]. Cryptography and Steganography received little attention in computing. Many ciphers to be shown vulnerable to the cryptanalytic attacks and many stega-techniques are easily detectable. Hence the need arises to provide better security by combining these two techniques. Here, in case of failing the steganography system, secrete message remain safe because of encoding technique. Steganography is not a replacement for cryptography but rather to supplement it.


Existing Method:

  • Integer transform based reversible data hiding
  • Pixel substitution and Difference expansion
  • Bit modification method



  • Low hiding capacity
  • High distortion due to loss of edge details


Proposed Method:

  • Reversible data hiding for protection of medical images with additional information based on histogram shifting and encoding technique


Block Diagram:






  • Histogram analysis
  • Image Coding
  • Embedding
  • Extraction
  • Performance analysis



  • Lossless recovery of original image
  • High hiding capacity
  • Low distortion



  • Data protection in medical field
  • Defense and Research Organization


Software Requirements:

  • MATLAB 7.5 and above versions
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