Traffic Density Monitoring using Opencv

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Today we are living in the world where technology is growing very fast and where mobile technology is become an integral part of our life. This field is getting more popular day by day as before people need to use computers or laptops for processing their work fast but today our smartphones have same capability of doing that like computers. And the smart cities where mobile technology is very useful in terms of human resource. In this paper we have developed an android application which is going to be used by the general people and the website which is used by the police station act as an admin for a particular city.


Today?s world is all about to technology and human resources. Technology can be used in many fields like mobile technology, messaging, E-mail, gaming and so on. One such area is crime area detection and storing criminal data record. It is very crucial job to police to get the right information on time through their walkie-talkie . Recently there was an android application Vic PD which was launched by the Victoria police in the Canada for people safety. In that application they had a communication gap between police officials and the investigation of crime because the data is not available remotely .The another problem is that suppose if anyone of the user reported a crime which had happened recently, that record was directly gone into the police database without even verification of police official. So there was a possibility that anyone can make a fun of the both other users and the police Also the another proposed system is crime area detection and criminal data record in which their the system recording crime and giving alternate routes to user as soon as user enters in the particular area but this system failed to indicate a crimes locations to the user by Google map This paper proposes an android application which is developed for the crime awareness among the people and about their safety. This system is basically divided into two parts such as an android application for user and the website for the police officials. An android application has functions like search the crime, post the crime, search safety places and the SOS service and also some emergency numbers. The website has the logins only for the local police stations and there is one master login for the admin (main police official) which can monitor on all the activities. The local police stations have all the rights to add, remove and modify the records in the database. They can also see the online users. The website and android app have one more new functionality which was not there in previous systems is that somewhere if recently the crime is happened and the area is declared as the high alert then the user can share this scenario with all the other users and it is verified by the local police officials.


In the present scenario filing an FIR/complaint is a hectic task since one must go through a very huge process for justice. It matter how small or big the crime is. In general, to file an FIR/complaint one must search for a nearby police station and have to wait until a cop takes upon the request and either we have to recite or have to give it as a written statement. Certainly this takes nearly a day of an individual?s time. In this busy world, it?s quite tough to give up on our routine works. The existing system of filing complaints/FIR affects our daily routine, makes us spend a lot of our precious time in it. Filing an FIR, meanwhile we could have done three. Mainly could give a lot of chances and time for verdicts to easily escape from cases making their pre bails ready or even for absconding. To avoid such miserable situations we have designed an app that makes everything happen in jut few minutes. Below diagram represents the existing process of filing complaints/FIR in police station which starts by a simple request from a Citizen.


All the records will be collected by hand written format.

It?s hard to maintain the records.?


In Our project we have proposed an android application to highlight prone areas, register crime, view emergency number etc. The proposed system has provision to store the criminal records. We are also storing user input like user?s name, address etc. (User?s personal detail) on this server. Our system also provides an application for the user which consists of an alternate path if they are passing by crime area. With the help of android application user can report incidents and get it verified by the police officials. We are going to develop a web application for police officials who can perform database operations on criminal record and allows user for efficient retrieval of required information from the centralized database present on server.


All the data will stored into database.

It?s easy to maintain the records.

Police department and people relationship will improve.

We upload the crime where it is occurring and it view by police Department.

Software and Hard ware Details:



Net beans



Windows 7 or above


RAM: 2 GB or Above

Hard Disk: 250 GB or Above

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