IoT based Smart Parking System using Node MCU


IoT based Smart Parking System using Node MCU

Car parking is a major issue in modern congested cities today. There simply are too many vehicles on the road and not enough parking spaces. This led to the need for efficient parking management systems. This demonstrates the use of an IOT based parking management system that allows for efficient parking space utilization using IoT technology. To demonstrate the concept we use IR sensors for sensing parking slot occupancy along with a dc motor to simulate gate opener motors. We now use a Wi-Fi modem for internet connectivity and a microcontroller for operating the system. We create a webpage for online connectivity and IoT management GUI design. The various steps involved in this operation are vehicle identification, free slot detection, and payment calculation. Vehicle identification is carried out using RFID, free slot detection is carried out using display, and payment calculation is done on the basis of the period of parking.


The parking system is controlled by the cloud. Nowadays car parking is congested in cities. So we go to an easy method using the IoT parking system. In this project, we are using the IR sensor to detect if the slot is occupied or available and the data is sent to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is sending the data to the cloud server (web page). Before this project, we want to park the car in any parking issue for cities. Now this project is very helpful to park the car in any parking using this system. This allows users to check for available parking spaces online from anywhere and available hassle-free parking. Thus the system solves the parking issue for cities and gets users an efficient IOT based parking management system.


There is no automatic system to park the car in the parking slot. They were collecting the amount from the car owner. Then only they will allow parking in the parking slot.


  • There may be a fear of breakdown
  • It may be a bit confusing for unfamiliar users
  • The use of refunded systems will result in a greater cost


The proposed system consists of detecting the parking lot vacancy using sensors. The vacancy information of parking lots can be obtained through a webpage as well as an LCD display. The entry and exit gate of a car parking lot work automatically when the presence of a car is obtained.


  • Reduces fuel consumption and time delay. Spare time can be used for other work.
  • Manpower is reduced by this automation
  • Reduces cost for users by notifying the time-wise cost.Parking 2

IoT based Smart Parking System using Node MCU


IOT based Smart Parking Node MCU 1

  • This block diagram consists of IR sensors, DC motor, RFID, and LCD is connected to the core controller.
  • Here IR sensors are used to detect car parking slots.
  • DC motor is used to close and open the slots
  • RFID is used to enter and exit the parking. Additionally, deduct the parking amount as per the time
  • LCD is used to display the parking slots’ current status
  • The core controller is accessing the components and processes them to transfer the data through the internet.
  • Node MCU is used as a core controller. The sensor data are shown on the IoT cloud using the Wi-Fi system.



IOT based Smart Parking Node MCU 1


  • NODE MCU ESP8266
  • IR sensor
  • LCD 16×2
  • DC motor


  • Arduino IDE
  • Programming language: Embedded C


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