Smart umbrella using Raspberry Pi

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Smart umbrella? – This paper presents the development of a smart umbrella system using IOT, which can measure rainfall and it can predict the weather condition with the notion in your smartphone. It’s about real-time weather conditions. In this project, you are going to learn about how to make a smart umbrella using a raspberry pi that will be connected to Wi-Fi. It can notify you before about the climate by giving an audio output of the weather conditions. This is being implemented using the smart sensor like DHT11 sensor, Light sensor, and moisture sensor which will act as Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and are connected to a single board computer i.e. Raspberry pi which will store all the sensor data using SPI protocol and will send it to the server from where we can get the update of the weather condition at the place you are. A software i.e. SPEAK will be useful which will give the audio output of the weather condition with a buzzer alert if any unconditional weather. A web page is made where all the weather conditions will be updated and can be used or can be connected to any device to know the status of that area.


A step towards the digital world, the main factor of many industries is to predict climatic changes, here we are using IoT for monitoring the weather as well as atmospheric changes throughout the time by using a smart E-Umbrella which will tell the weather condition as audio output and it alert in unconditional weather to indicate if we have to take our smart umbrella with us or not.


In the existing system, all-weather prediction and environmental change are done manually and people are using some websites or clouds to know the weather condition of a particular city, not even the area


  • Internet facility needed all time to work
  • The accuracy of output is less
  • Requires manpower
  • Only weather condition is predicted


In this proposed system, both sensors and weather forecasting SPEAK module are used in order to give perfect weather conditions as audio throughout the whole time which is very important and a step towards the digital world where we don’t have to depend on any inbuilt cloud or website to know the weather status.


  • Audio output provided
  • Accuracy of output is increased
  • No manpower required
  • It is a cost-effective system


Smart umbrella using Raspberry Pi


Smart umbrella using Raspberry Pi


  • In this project, we use a raspberry pi as a controlling device
  • Sensors are connected with raspberry pi for detecting climatic conditions
  • Audio output about climatic conditions is given through earphones
  • The data are also uploaded to the cloud


  • Raspberry Pi
  • DHT11
  • LDR
  • Moisture Sensor
  • Earphones
  • SD card



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