Home Automation System Through E-Mail using Raspberry Pi

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Home automation is becoming more and more popular day by day due to its numerous advantages. This can be achieved by local networking or by remote control. This paper aims at designing a basic home automation application on Raspberry Pi through reading the subject of E-mail and the algorithm for the same has been developed in python environment which is the default programming environment provided by Raspberry Pi. Results show the efficient implementation of proposed algorithm for home automation. LEDs were used to indicate the switching action.


Home automation system means no. of appliances can be controlled from anywhere in world. Many existing systems are established on home automation system. It comes with two types of systems; depending on hardware system and wireless system In hardware system it includes the Ethernet, fiber optics, telephone line and coaxial wires. But for implementation of wired communication systems cost goes very high. Wireless communication systems include radio frequencies Bluetooth, WIFI. Now days there are many new systems for home automation which includes hardware and wireless system as it is or the combination of both systems. In wireless systems can be of great help for automation systems it is very easy to implement and maintains is also very easy as compared to with wired system technologies such as WIFI cloud network in the recent past wireless systems are used every day and everywhere. Home automation system is getting very easy because of new technology and straight forwardness through smart phones and internet and wireless communication.

Existing system

  • In the existing system home automation is done by sending messages through mobile and devices were controlled by the user commands.
  • The automation of home is controlled to Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM based technology
  • Controlling through claps and gestures
  • Conventional switchboard system
  • It can be to control home devices with switch
  • Time Based load controlling (ON/OFF) method will be used in the existing system


  • Remote control is not practical in most cases since each button is for a particular function
  • Range of control is very low
  • In controlled appliances the controlling range is always limited and it depends on signal strength
  • Remote control uses IR or RF communication this makes the controlling range lower
  • Cannot be used many applications

Proposed system

The proposed system mainly works through Internet. Here we are created Email account for Raspberry pi Through this Raspberry pi Email account the appliances which are connected to raspberry pi board will be controlled. When we are sending mail through user mail id to Raspberry pi?s mail Id?s, it will control home appliances like Light or Fan as specified in Email. In block diagram we are used circuit for controlling brightness of light. WIFI module use to receiving user mails on Raspberry pi mail ids.


  • User can easily control the home appliances and easy to communicate on it
  • System is very efficient and fast
  • Here system is fully controlled by user and minimum human assistance


Home Automation System Through E Mail using Raspberry Pi


?In this block diagram the whole system is controlled by Arm11?processor?and?this processor is implemented on Raspberry?Pi Board. So this board is connected with monitor, SD card and IP connected through LAN. The home appliances are connected to raspberry pi.? For practical purposes a relay circuit can be interfaced with Raspberry Pi and appliances, respectively, for their controlling. python coded has been fed into the raspberry Pi and is connected to the internet through send e-mails to the Raspberry e-mail ids. The Devices to be controlled have been interfaced with raspberry Pi using relay driver circuit due to power ratings of devices. A display (optional) may also be connected to view the instantaneous status and processing of raspberry Pi.


home mail


  • Raspberry pi
  • SD card
  • Monitor
  • Fan
  • Light?
  • Relay


  • Program: Python
  • Platform: Python 3 IDLE
  • Raspberry pi os: Raspian os


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