License Plate Recogntiont using Supervised Learning with OpenCV

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Airplane travelers often face the problem of missing their baggage at the airport due to unorganized baggage sorting. This can be solved by tracing the bags with minimum human involvement. This paper presented here introduces a system that can trace bags based on a unique identity given by an RFID-based system. Here an RF reader module called EM18 is used for identifying each baggage. Each bag will have its own RF tag that can be read by a reader. Each card has a unique identification number associated with it. If the baggage is checked in at the departure airport the number of corresponding RF tags is uploaded into the database. This database can be created using the nodemcu controller board. The current status of the baggage can be monitored using a local webpage. If the baggage is at the arrival airport same way this number is uploaded into the database and can be observed through the webpage. This system is very efficient since most of the process is automated. EM18 module can be interfaced with nodemcu using serial UART.


 One of the most problematic processes air travelers go through is claiming their baggage at the airport. Often travelers have to wait days to get their baggage. This leads to a very inconvenient baggage system that is not very helpful for anybody. This problem arises due to human involvement in baggage sorting. This can be solved by introducing an automating baggage check-in system. This paper implements such a system based on Nodemcu.


  • Manual baggage entry system
  • Only name tags to check-in


  • Nodemcu based baggage tracing system
  • RF reader is used for identifying baggage
  • Each bag has its own tag
  • Automatic entry system


This system is a fully automated baggage check-in system that is hundred percent reliable since it involves zero human help. This system is very helpful in sorting and clearing baggage in an airport. The system adopted here is very easy to implement anywhere. This system has been implemented

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