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Features of R,RC,UJT,Triggering

  • Consists of three types of basic firing circuit to trigger SCR
  • Separate sections for R – firing, RC – firing, UJT firing circuit
  • One potentiometer used to vary the firing angle of UJT firing circuit
  • Another potentiometer used to vary the firing angle of R ,RC- firing circuit
  • 1:1 Pulse transformer used for pulse isolation in UJT firing circuit
  • One no. of SCR with Snubber circuit forms half wave controlled converter circuit for checking all three firing circuit.
  • Separate inbuilt power supply for R, RC and UJT triggering unit
  • Power ON indication Switch for power circuit and triggering module.
  • All the important points are terminated with banana connector for monitor/measure/ study the signals using any one of measuring equipments.


  • Design of firing scheme using R method
  • Design of firing scheme using RC method
  • Design of firing scheme for SCR using UJT method

Technical Specification

  • Kit Working voltage :(220-240)VAC
  • Input Voltage :110 V AC
  • Input Current :2A
  • Frequency :50/60Hz

Bundle Contents

  • R,RC & UJT Triggering Circuit
  • Patch cards
  • 6A power supply card
  • 3A Fuse (Extra)
  • Manual
  • 100W Lamp

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