Matlab code for Wavelet Based Image Fusion

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Matlab code for Wavelet Based Image Fusion


This paper for the most part presents a picture combination utilizing wavelet strategy for multispectral information and high-goals information advantageously, rapidly, and precisely in MATLAB Different clinical imaging methods, for example, X-beams, figured tomography (CT), attractive reverberation imaging (MRI), and positron discharge tomography (PET) give alternate points of view to the human body that are significant in the physical issue or determination of infections. To get valuable data from multimodality clinical picture information clinical picture combination has been utilized. In the clinical field distinctive radiometric filtering strategies can be utilized to assess and look at the internal pieces of the body. The thought is to improve the picture content by melding pictures like PC tomography (CT) and attractive reverberation imaging (MRI) pictures, in order to give however many subtleties as could reasonably be expected for the conclusion


The goal of picture combination is to consolidate data from different pictures of a similar picture. The resultant a great many pictures combination is increasingly appropriate for human and machine discernment and further accommodating for picture handling assignments, for example, division, highlight extraction, and article acknowledgment. This paper for the most part presents a picture combination utilizing the wavelet technique for multispectral information and high-goals information helpfully, rapidly, and precisely in MATLAB. Wavelet tool compartment with bountiful capacities gives a speedy and helpful stage to improve picture perceivability. The work covers the choice of wavelet work, the utilization of wavelet put together combination calculations with respect to CT and MRI clinical pictures, execution of combination rules, and the combination picture quality assessment. Matlab Results show that viability of Image Fusion with Wavelet Transform in protecting the component data for the test pictures.

Existing system:

  • Normal image fusion
  • Threshold process


  • We can not fuse more images
  • Less quality of the image after fusion

Proposed method:

  • Dwt segmentation
  • Data fusion technology


  • We can increase more images to fuse
  • The exact fused image we can get

Block diagram:

Matlab code for Wavelet Based Image Fusion 2
Matlab code for Wavelet-Based Image Fusion


  • Satellite applications
  • Google maps 
  • Social media applications

Software requirements:

  • Matlab 2014 or above versions
  • Image processing toolbox

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