LoRa based Renewable Energy Monitoring System using Arduino

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As a result of the response to the COP21, various renewable energy plants have been globally developed from conventional fossil fuel-based power generation plants. However, such renewable energy sources are difficult to operate in a planned schedule and have unstable output due to unpredictable environmental conditions such as the weather. It is possible to manage the power generation system more stably by collecting, analysing and responding to the information of continuous power generation status, and the accumulated data provides an advantage of predicting future power generation and optimal maintenance. This improved stability has also contributed to the grid reliability and flexibility. In this paper, we propose implementation methods to effectively construct an energy monitoring system which is based on open IoT hardware and software platforms for economic system construction. LoRa supporting low power long distance networks is applied through low cost solutions.


In this system a renewable power generation system is monitored through a number of sensors. Main parameters that need to be monitored here are energy produced that can be calculated by measuring current and voltage. Using current and voltage values energy produced can be easily calculated. Here we can use any type of embedded controllers, in this we can use the Arduino platform for our development. Since Arduino is an open source platform this makes the project more financially feasible. indoor LoRa devices may still be unable to communicate wirelessly with a nearby GW, due to obstacles between sensors, which can attenuate wireless signal strength and result in data losses and communication errors.


  • Un monitored power generation systems
  • Local monitoring systems


  • In unmonitored power generation systems we can?t able to know what is happening in that system, anything may happen like short circuit, overflow etc..,
  • Local monitoring is used within a range it is a main drawback in this project
  • Renewable energy?sources are difficult to operate in a planned schedule and have unstable output due to unpredictable environmental conditions such as the weather.
  • Not for large data payloads, payload limited to 100 bytes


In this system we propose a monitoring system for renewable power generation systems. Here we are using LoRa communication for interconnecting all the different nodes. Current sensor and voltage sensor is used for monitoring the power produced, this data is transmitted to a remote collecting node for further analysis. Here we use IoT for further remote data accessing. The Arduino platform is used for developing the project.


  • It is a cost efficient renewable energy monitoring system,
  • Using IoT in this project is a main advantage, so we can get the status of the system at anyplace in the world
  • An?advantage?of predicting future power generation and optimal maintenance.
  • Advantages?of easy deployment real-time accessibility, low deployment and device which has wireless connection and can be powered by using a?solar?panel.
  • Accuracy of output is increased
  • LoRa long range communication is used


LoRa based Renewable Energy Monitoring System using Arduino

LoRa based Renewable Energy Monitoring System using Arduino2



  • Here in sensor node Arduino Uno is used
  • Both sensors are connected to Arduino Uno through analog interface (ADC)
  • LoRa is connected through serial interface
  • In data node another Arduino Uno and wifi module is used because we need to connect this node to cloud
  • Receiver LoRa is connected to this Arduino Uno


  • Arduino Uno
  • ESP8266 WI-FI module
  • LoRa
  • Current sensor
  • Voltage sensor
  • PV panel


  • Arduino IDE
  • Programming: Embedded C
  • Cloud


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