Intelligent Baby Monitoring System using Image Processing

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In this project ,?is helpful for busy parents to ensure care and safety of their babies with use of advanced technology. Implemented work going to detect baby?s crying sound, motion as well as live streaming of baby position in cradle.

The live streaming of babies position and activities are displayed on display unit which helps parents to have continuous baby monitoring.

?As both parents nowadays, work outside and it is not always possible to monitor the baby in-person, it is necessary to make use of modern technologies.Different baby cries are recorded and fed into this system. After careful analysis, a baby?s cry can be classified into three major categories namely: Tired, Hungry and Pain.

A fourth type of trigger is also generated if the baby?s cry cannot be recognized.? A frame by frame analysis is carried out for a better analysis of the baby?s cry.

A speech signal rapidly changes.Thus, in Speech Processing the signals are divided into frames where analyses of few samples are carried out. Different feature extraction techniques can be used to recognize a baby?s cry.

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