Food Calorie Measurement Using Matlab

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Food Calorie Measurement Using Matlab

High calorie intake has proved harmful worldwide, as it has led to many diseases. However, dieticians have mistake that a standard intake of number of calories is essential to maintain the right balance of calorie content in human body.

In this thesis, we consider the category of tools that use image processing to recognize single and multiple mixed food objects, namely support vector machine (SVM). We propose a method for the fully automatic and user-friendly calibration of the sizes of food portions. This calibration is required to estimate the total number of calories in food portions.

In this work, to compute the number of calories in the food object, we go beyond the finger-based calorie calibration method that has been used in the past, by automatically measuring the distance between the user and the food object.

There has been an unprecedented rise worldwide in over weightiness and obesity, as well as in diseases they cause . Thus, monitoring daily eating routines in order to avoid excess calorie intake has become an important issue in maintaining a good quality of life. Studies have shown that several diseases are linked to excessive calorie intake in humans. ?Pan found that breast, colon, and prostate cancers are caused by high calorie intake. High calorie intake was found to be only second to tobacco in directly causing cancer.

Moreover, a previous study found that a proper diet involving lower calorie intake helped the residents of Okinawa to increase their life expectancy and lower the risk of age-associated diseases. High calorie values in food that is nutritionally poor led to systemic inflammation and reduced insulin sensitivity, as well as a cluster of metabolic abnormalities, including obesity, hypertension, and glucose intolerance. a review of the literature showed that reducing the calorie intake lessened the risk of cancer in humans.

To assist people in tracking their calorie intake, efficient and convenient mobile applications have been developed that alert users to the number of calories they consume. Such mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular. Mobile applications have the capacity to provide the easy collection of personal health-related data and timely behavioral cues. Additionally, research has focused on the benefits of mobile and 2 Internet technologies in reaching diverse populations, such as rural communities, in order to reduce health disparities and promote health interventions.

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