Flood Intimation through SMTP using Raspberry Pi



Flood Intimation – The main aim of this paper is to propose a system that gives information about weather status in any place in the world. It gives current weather and Forecasted weather also by using the API of underground weather cloud without using any sensor. In past days the weather can be monitored by using sensors like Temperature sensor, Humidity sensor, rain sensor, and anemometer which determines the wind speed those sensors are interfaced with any Controller, and values are sent through GSM. Now a day we use Raspberry Pi which is a single board computer it performs all the actions performed by the computer. By using the URL of any weather cloud, we can extract the weather status of any place in the world and it is saved as a file by using Speaker we can hear voice output. If the Thunderstorm is in current and later condition we sent mail. by using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Flood Intimation

Flood Intimation through SMTP using Raspberry Pi


Weather is a very important parameter employed in all sectors sky communication like Airplane and rocket is purely weather dependent. Weather forecasting is a very big issue in now a day’s geological scientist has forecasted the weather and says what happens in the upcoming days. And it becomes very helpful to blind people and elderly people traveling from one place to another. With the help of some sensors in the olden days. But in now a day’s by using the weather cloud we can get whole information about the weather status by using Cloud API without using sensors because sensor values are not some much accurate. It is very useful in farming activities to forecast details about Rain. It is very helpful for the fisherman who is traveling in the sea because they previously know about the flood situation. Based on that they will act.  Flood Intimation through SMTP using Raspberry Pi

Flood Intimation through SMTP using Raspberry Pi


In the Existing system, we are using a Sensor for getting weather monitoring all the sensors are interfaced with one microcontroller the microcontroller decodes that information sent to one cloud or displayed as a value in LCD or any other display.?

  • Humidity (DHT11)? Moisture
  • Temperature (LM35)? heat?
  • ESP8266? Wi-Fi module

These all values are sent to the IoT cloud as a parameter we monitor anywhere in the world


In the proposed system, the whole system is based on sensor values only but in practical sensors, values are not much accurate so we go for an alternate option to extract the forecasted and current values from the API of the weather cloud. Many of the weather clouds do not provide free API services for direct extraction of values if forecasted and current weather information. By using the URL of that weather cloud, we can extract the information using Python. And we get voice output by using the Espeak library in python. By using this Technology, we can get weather status by using this we can predict the Flood situation if it is higher means we sent some mail to them. Flood Intimation through SMTP using Raspberry Pi


Flood intimation
Flood intimation


The overall system consists of a Raspberry Pi module which is acts as the heart of the whole system, whether cloud or speaker We took input from the weather cloud using API if that Cloud is extracted using Python programming Text values get converted to voice output by using Espeak library which can get through Speakers. This text-to-speech conversion can be done through the python library function. If any thunderstorm increases mean it will send mail to them along with the forecasting Photograph.Flood Intimation through SMTP using Raspberry Pi

Flood Intimation through SMTP using Raspberry Pi


Weather cloud API is used to Extract the values over the Cloud if the Program is executed it will continuously monitor the values if the thunderstorm values are exceeded means it will automatically send the mail over SMTP Protocol it is like an alert message to the people who are nearby to the shore. Flood Intimation through SMTP using Raspberry Pi


  • Raspberry pi
  • SD card
  • Speaker
  • Power supply


  • Raspbian Jessie
  • Weather cloud API
  • Espeak
  • Python
  • SMTP
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Flood Intimation through SMTP using Raspberry Pi


This whole setup is made as a prototype it gives an audio output of a weather status report through the speaker. Which place we mentioned in a program will give voice output accordingly. We can get both forecasted value and current weather update by which placed is mentioned by us. This system is very helpful for Blind people, and elderly people and is mainly used for agricultural purposes. This is a test among various test cases and we got some more attractive results which help elderly and blind People.


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