Smart Kitchen Using Arduino

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Smart Kitchen Using Arduino



The overview of this system is to provide a technology-oriented, low-cost, Smart kitchen system.

Smart Kitchen Using Arduino


The main aim of the Internet of things is to make life easier by automating every task around us. The IoT plays a major role in automating work in Electronic Media. Some of the add-on benefits are enhancing the existing safety standards. LPG cylinder used as a Fuel in Cooking purpose in-home and several areas. Safety has been an important thing in designing homes, buildings, cities, and Industries. The Usage of the Gas cylinder is rapidly increasing but at the same time it is extremely dangerous, it has the ability to cause fire accidents. Although steps are taken for this issue even though accidents are gradually increased due to the leakage of gas. This Work is one step toward avoiding fire accidents due to Leakage of gas. The Efficient and Fast Working Microcontroller is needed for monitoring and controlling purposes. Raspberry Pi3 used for this work as a fast working controller in recent years also has inbuilt RAM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth facilities. LPG gas sensor is placed near the cylinder and is used for Monitoring Gas leakage, if Leakage is present it means it will give indications to the controller. Load Cell is used for monitoring the level of gas Present inside the cylinder. The flame sensor is used to detect flames in the kitchen. All this Sensor data is frequently updated in the cloud by using the Wi-Fi module which is inbuilt into the controller for user interfaces. This system will help you to update your safety methods; it is essentially needed for environmental commitments and being preventing natural disasters to protect our life.

Smart Kitchen Using Arduino


  • Gas leakage monitoring 
  • The system detects the level of gas in the air by checking whether it exceeds the safe
  • It sends an SMS to the consumer using a GSM modem and activates the audio-visual alarm which includes an LED and a buzzer to alert the user at home.
  • This system alerts only the resident.
  • Chances are there for Fire Accidents to occur if the resident is intimated late due to certain reasons.
  • And moreover, if the resident is not present in the house at that particular time then there is no use in giving an alert. 


  • We shall use a new technology IoT (Internet of Things) to get the fastest notification of gas leakage.
  • We will also use a website or application under the IoT technology to get the fastest response from the module.
  • The system can sense if there is any gas leakage and an alert will be sent to the user 
  • Users can turn off the valve from anywhere using/her smartphone 
  • Also, the flame sensor can be used for detecting flame on the burner, and after some time there is no vessel on the burner gas will turn off immediately

Smart Kitchen Using Arduino


Smart Kitchen Using Arduino


Smart Kitchen Using Arduino 2


  • Arduino UNO
  • MQ-2 Gas sensor
  • Load Cell
  • Flame sensor
  • DC Motor
  • Buzzer 
  • ESP8266 Wi-Fi module


    • Programming platform: Arduino IDE 
  • Programming language: Embedded C


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