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Embedded Systems are used in a large number of Electronic devices in today’s world

Embedded Systems

An embedded system can define as a combination of computer hardware and software. They are design for a specific function. Embedded systems can also function within a larger system.

Embedded systems are always functioning as part of a complete device. They are low-power-consuming, low-cost, small computers that are embedded in other electrical or mechanical systems.

The importance of embedded system is constantly increasing considering the number of application fields where they are using. They are using in many critical application domains for a long time, such as traffic management systems.

Since embedded system is engineer to perform certain tasks only, the design engineers need to optimize their size, cost, reliability, power consumption, and performance. Embedded systems normally produce on large scales and share functionalities across various environments and applications.

Nowadays there are heavy competitions for Embedded System Internships. Moreover, a lot of freshers and College Students are eagerly waiting to join as an Intern in this field.

Embedded system engineers are highly consider as a crucial resource. If you are planning about a good career and you are good at your academics as well as learning, you should prefer embedded system as a core part of any big development in your career.

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Most of the electronic devices design and manufacture today is an embedded system. Therefore, if you start looking for them, you can easily find many embedded systems in your home.

There are different types of embedded systems.

A Real-Time Embedded System is strictly time specific. Stand Alone Embedded System are independent systems. They can work by themselves and also they don’t depend on a host system. Networked Embedded System are those which are connecting to a wired or wireless network. Mobile embedded system are small and they are easy to use. They require less resource.

Embedded system are design for a specific task. They use computer techniques. But they cannot use as a general purpose computer that using a variety of different programmes for different task. In this way their function can focus onto what they need to do. Thus, they can be made cheaper and more efficient.

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