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About the Program

The ARM1 is a high performance ARM controller/processor with 256Mbytes DDR RAM and 1 GB flash, RTC and audio and Ethernet on board. It has integrated RS232, USB, keyboard, LCD, camera, SD cord and other functions on board. The board supports the Linux, Android and windows operating system and which provides a complete basic driver. This would be an ideal development platform for multimedia and communication applications. This ARM Application Development Workshop provides participants technical training on the concepts and programming methodologies needed to develop applications for Embedded system. Participants will learn to use embedded system. Instruction cum aided with live projects which will allow students to grasp concepts of the complete ARM application development life-cycle.


Technologies and Tools Covered

  • ARM Programming & Hardware
  • Sensor Interface to ARM



  1. ARM Architecture, Tools setup, Programming

Introduction to the Concept of Embedded system, ARM Controller Programming Basics, Keil IDE will be dealt with. Simple programs shall be done by the participants. This shall serve as the first step into the entry to the advanced concepts implementation using ARM.

1 Overview of Embedded System
2 ARM Introduction

·         Overview | Architecture | Instructions | Registers | Interrupts

3 ARM Development Tools

·         KEIL IDE Overview

·         Simple Project Creation | Code Build | Simulation

4 Hardware Interface (Hands On Training)

·         LED | LCD


2. Sensor Interface, PWM and Serial Communication

Interfacing Sensors like Ultrasonic, IR, DHT11 Sensors to the ARM Controller, Getting Data from the Sensor and display to the LCD or PC serial terminal, Working Principle of PWM and controlling the motor


1 Working Principle of PWM and Interface with ARM

·         DC Motor Interface

·         Programming with PWM

2  Interfacing TIMER/COUNT

·         Timer C programming

·         Generating delay sec using hardware timers




·         Accessing On-chip ADC and to display the value in PC serial terminal – Gas and Temperature Sensor


4  Working Principle of  Ultrasonic, IR, Dht11 sensor and Interface with ARM7


3. Sensor Interface & Interfacing I2C protocol and Interrupt ARM7

Interfacing Sensors like Temperature, Gas Sensors to the ARM, Interfacing I2C protocol and Interrupt, creating Implementing Bluetooth, ZigBee modules using transferring the data


1 Interfacing   ADC



·         Accessing On-chip ADC and to display the value in LCD – Gas and Temperature sensor
2 Interfacing Interrupt
3 Interfacing  I2C Protocol
4 Implementing Bluetooth, ZigBee


 Projects & Assignments

Practical 1: Blinking of LED.

Practical 2: PWM LED and motor control.

Practical 3: Ultrasonic, IR, Dht11 sensor display the value in PC serial terminal

Practical 4: Gas and Temperature sensor display the value in LCD

Practical 4: Configure Interrupt and I2C protocol

Practical 5: Configure and communicate with Bluetooth, ZigBee


Training Methodology

The Program is mix of Theory sessions, Quizzes, Hands on Sessions, Liver Interaction with Experts, Assignments and Practical Exercises. Maximum Impetus is given to Hands on Sessions so as to enable the participants with the maximum knowledge transfer and satisfaction. The ratio of the theory, practical sessions will be 30:70.


Program Advantage

·        Code with Explanations

Learn everything about Embedded system using ARM, with a well-structured curriculum & detailed explanation with code.

·        Assignments

Work on various assignments which will be graded by our Trainer.

·        Projects

Solve real world problems as part of projects and receive valuable feedback from our trainer.


Upon Successful Completion of the Program

Upon completion of the program, the participant will have an in-depth insight into the ARM Programming, Sensor Interfacing in Real Time Applications. The participants will be able to program the controller and develop basic / complex applications on his own, thus making the objective of the training program as desired.

Participants also will have access to our TECHNICAL FORUM, thus getting their doubts clarified even after the session is complete.  Certificates will be provided upon request.

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Course Preview
  • Price
    ₹1,000.00 ₹750.00
  • Instructor pantech
  • Duration 20 Hrs
  • Start Date February 5, 2021
  • End Date February 16, 2021
  • Training Timing 5.30PM to 7.00PM
  • Certificate Provider Pantech Group
  • Enrolled 22 student
  • Access Lifetime

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