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Internship on Raspberry Pi Essentials

About the Program This Internship is designed for developers with experience of other languages who need to get up to speed on Python. At the end of this course the students will know the essentials of the Python language, how to use Python’s module system to structure code, and how to approach the development of


Internship on Python Programming

Grab the unparalled oppurtunity to envision into python programming. Learn to code from the scratch till working on complex algorithms ..

₹1,000.00 ₹750.00

Internship on MATLAB Programming

Gain knowledge of Image Processing concepts using MATLAB and enhance your skill sets to effectively engage in the field of Imaging. The Sessions involves case studies, assignments, live projects, quizzes and presentations.

₹1,000.00 ₹750.00

Internship on Embedded Systems

Acquire the calibre to unlock the potentials in trending technology of embedded systems. Create and visualise riveting models on your own with our dedicated curriculum of hands on approach. Learn via Engrossing sessions..

₹1,000.00 ₹750.00

Internship on PCB Design

The Program is mix of Theory sessions, Hands on Sessions, Assignments and Practical Exercises. Maximum Impetus is given to Hands on Sessions so as to enable the participants with the maximum knowledge transfer and satisfaction.

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