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Cloud Computing Based Projects Online in Chennai

Cloud Computing Based Projects

Cloud Computing is a technique where software and data is kept into the remote secure server rather than keeping it on local system. In recent years, cloud computing is improving as a promising business concept. It is also one of the rapidly growing segments of the IT industry. This has made Cloud Computing Projects are one of the most popular project selections among engineering students.

Why Cloud technology is important?

Traditionally data files are keeping on a hard disc or any local storage devices. But Cloud-based storage makes it possible to save files to a remote database. We can access these files using any electronic device with web connectivity.

In fact it offers the computer resources such as Operating System, CPU, Random Access Memory, and Software as service. An electronic device with web connection can access the data and also the software programs remotely.

Different types of industrial organizations are using the cloud for a wide variety of purposes. This includes recovery from disasters, data backup, development of software and its testing, remote virtual desktops, analytics of big data, email, and customer service applications.

Doing Cloud computing based projects is the best method to become an expert in this field

Pantech eLearning is an Online Learning Service provider in Chennai. We are providing projects on Cloud Computing.

Given below is the list of Top 10 Cloud Computing Based Projects we are providing:

  1. Smart Bus Ticketing System using Qr Code

In this paper, we are proposing QR reader for bus ticket. Users can scan QR reader instead of ticket.

  1. Crime Pattern Recognition

This paper proposes an application which is developed for the crime awareness among the people and also about their safety.

  1. Secure Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups

Anti-collusion information sharing scheme for dynamic companies within the cloud, the customers can securely obtain their private keys from team manager certificates Authorities and also secure communication channels.

  1. Deduplication for Hybrid Cloud Security

To better protect data security, this paper makes the first attempt to formally address the problem of authorized data deduplication.

  1. SMS Application using AES Algorithm

Proposed SMS based framework provides a reliable, efficient and also cost effective solution for SMS Transmission.

  1. Four factor Authentication

To design and development Captcha to address a number of security problems altogether, such as online guessing attacks, relay attacks.

  1. Multifarious Data Processor

Speech recognition for application Voice Message is done on Google server, using the HMM algorithm.

  1. Malware Detection

This paper introduced SparkChiSVM model for intrusion detection. We also use ChiSqSelector for feature selection, and build an intrusion detection model.

  1. Attendance Management System Based on Chatbot

This paper presents the design and development of an intelligent voice recognition chat bot. The paper also presents a technology demonstrator to verify a proposed framework required to support such a bot.

  1. Erasure Coding Scheduling

We propose a CCC platform, called Harmony, which integrates resource management and also reputation management in a harmonious manner.

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