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Cloud Computing Projects in Chennai for IT Students

Cloud Computing Projects

In recent years, cloud computing is improving as a promising business concept. It is also one of the rapidly growing segments of the IT industry. This has made cloud computing projects one of the most popular project selections among engineering students.

Cloud Computing is a technique where software and data is kept into the remote secure server rather than keeping it on local system. Cloud computing projects are helping companies in structuring and also organizing of their data.

What exactly is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a type of service. It allows users and organisations to save and access data over the internet. Here data is not storing on a computer hard drive. In fact it offers the computer resources such as Operating System, CPU, Random Access Memory, and Software as service. An electronic device with web connection can access the data and also the software programs remotely.

Cloud computing can be both public and private. Public cloud services provide free services over the Internet. Private cloud services, on the other hand, only provide services to a specific number of people.

Different types of industrial organizations are using the cloud for a wide variety of purposes. This includes recovery from disasters, data backup, development of software and also its testing, remote virtual desktops, analytics of big data, email, and customer service applications.

Types of cloud services

Below are the different kinds of cloud services that organizations are using:

Software as a Service (SaaS) – It is the process of offering software services over the internet, rather than installing in the user’s computer.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) – It offers the platform for programmers to test, develop and also build apps without worrying about the infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – With IaaS you can rent services like virtual machines, OS’s, storage, servers, etc.

Where can you start Cloud Computing Projects?

Cloud computing provides many advantages both to clients and businesses of all sizes. Developing cloud computing projects helps you to learn this upcoming technology. Also it can lead you to get a job in this field.

Pantech eLearning is an Online Learning Service provider in Chennai. We are providing projects on Cloud Computing. Some of the topics we are offering are:

Certifications will also provide after the successful completion of the projects.

Visit our Website and Book your Projects Now.

Things to consider while building cloud computing projects

Developers need to make sure that companies gain positive cost-benefit.

The applications developing should be able to shift between public and private clouds. This is to accessing and processing the data.

Developers must also ensure that their design is futuristic. Whatever infrastructure they build, it should be compatible and flexible.

Developers should also make use of bandwidth effectively. This helps to facilitate virtual and augmented reality apps.

Developers need to ensure that they develop a safe and secure platform to host data.

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