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What is MATLAB | Why it is important

What is MATLAB | Why it is important

What is MATLAB?

What is MATLAB | Why it is important?  when we come across the question we get to know that MATLAB is a high-level programming language and interactive environment for numerical computation, and visualization. It provides interactive environment with built-in functions i.e.; for technical computing, graphics, and animations.

Importance of MATLAB

MATLAB is a feature of large library of mathematical functions. Thus, it can perform the computation of linear algebra and matrix as a mathematical product. It optimizes in order to use it effectively with other programs and can design various self-specific interfaces. It helps to perform i.e.; mathematical calculation, design, analysis and optimization, as well as gives speed, accuracy and precision to results.

Uses of MATLAB

Embedded Systems: Embedded systems are computer systems consisting of hardware and software components and are designed to try to to a selected task. With the push of one button, MATLAB allows to generate code and run it on hardware.

Digital signal processing: It is a usage of digital processing such as computers or specialized digital signal processors to perform a range of signal processing operations. MATLAB make easy to use a signal processing technique to analyze time series data and also provides a unified workflow for the development of embedded systems and streaming applications.

Wireless communications: Wireless communication may be a broad term used for connecting two devices employing a wireless signal. It is used i.e.; to reduce development time, eliminate design problems early, and streamline testing and verification.

Internet of Things: It is the network i.e.; of vehicles, devices, home appliances, and other electronic embedded devices which will enable the devices to exchange the knowledge. MATLAB helps in i.e.; structuring, developing applications like operations optimization, predictive maintenance, supervisory control, and far more.

Image processing: This is mainly concentrated on the processing of an image and make ready for another task like computer vision and much more. It includes understanding of the visual outputs. The algorithms play a crucial role in image processing also as computer visions. MATLAB uses a comprehensive surrounding to get the algorithms and to research the pictures.

What is MATLAB | Why it is important and Advantages of MATLAB

  • It is used of converting the code written i.e.; in Java, Python, C++, .NET, etc., making the language more versatile.
  • Complex mathematical operations like matrix operation and addition are often easily accomplished during a single code by using MATLAB.
  • It offers a huge set of toolboxes and functions, allowing easy solving of CFD or fluid flow and heat transfer problems very quickly.
  • It allows the import and export of data to or from a text or excels file using a single command which is very useful for analysis of previously recorded data. MATLAB allows storage of data in excel files.
  • Data can be saved in variables with very simple commands, which are easy to use by storing numbers during a vector or matrix where no use of loops is required .

What is MATLAB | Why it is important and How Pantech help to overview the importance of MATLAB

Pantech eLearning help to overview the importance of MATLAB. Pantech eLearning offers i.e.; internships, courses, workshops and projects on MATLAB.

This course help to understand uses of MATLAB to illustrate general concepts in computer science and programming. It helps to realize an understanding of the overall concepts of programming, and acquire a solid foundation within the use of MATLAB.

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