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Top Wireless Sensor Network Projects in Chennai

Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies provide a bridge between information systems and the physical world. With the introduction of reliable WSN technology the costs of installing and commissioning devices can be up to 90% less than a wired alternative. As the need for observation of crucial facilities continues to grow, the use of WSN is increasing because of its ease of installation, flexibility and also it’s potential to solve tough problems.

Nowadays, Wireless Sensor Networks emerge as an active research area. The project works in WSN offer several opportunities for engineering students to learn important things and also to improve practical knowledge. Therefore anyone wishes to become an engineer in this field must need additional knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge.

What is Wireless Sensor Network?

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an infrastructure-less wireless network that is using in a large number of wireless sensors in an emergency manner. It is also using for surveillance of the system, physical or environmental conditions.

In addition to one or more sensors, each node in a sensor network is normally equipped with a radio receiver or other wireless network device, a tiny microcontroller, and also a power source, usually a cell.

Sensor nodes are using in WSN with the on-board processor that manages and monitors the environment in a particular area. They are connected to the Base Station which also acts as a processing unit in the WSN System. Generally base Station in a Wireless Sensor Network System is connecting through the Internet to transfer data.

Components of WSN


Sensors in WSN are using to catch the environmental variables. It is also using for data acquisition. Sensor signals are transformed into electrical signals.

Radio Nodes

It is using to accept the data created by the Sensors and transfer it to the Wireless LAN access point. It consists of a microcontroller, receiver, external storage, and also a power source.

WLAN Access Point

It accepts the data which is transfer by the Radio nodes wirelessly, generally through the web.

Evaluation Software

The data accept by the Wireless LAN Access Point is process by software called as Evaluation Software. It is for showing the report to the users for further processing of the data which can use for processing, analysis, storage, and also mining of the data.

Where can you find the best Wireless Sensor Network Projects?

Pantech eLearning is an Online Learning Service provider in Chennai. We are providing some of the best Wireless Sensor Network Projects.

Given below is the list of Top Projects we are providing:

  1. Vehicle To Vehicle Communication using LiFi
  2. Intelligent Coal Mine Monitoring System
  3. LoRa based Monitoring System for Agriculture
  4. Wireless Sensors for Smart Environment
  5. Visual Monitoring For Horticultural
  6. Green House Monitoring and Controlling
  7. A remote home security system
  8. Image transmission using LiFi
  9. Smart Traffic Systems
  10. Personalised notification for disaster

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