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Top Students Projects in Computer Science

Top Students Projects in Computer Science

Pantech is a platform for Top Students Projects in Computer Science with new tools and technologies working on a computer science projects. Computer Science is a branch of science which deals with the study, development, and conservation of computer systems. It involves designing and development of various application-based software.

The projects that give students a platform where it can apply those principles and build reliable and completely functional computer systems to show off their skills.

List of Top Students Projects in Computer Science

E-Authentication system:

This design focuses on building E-Authentication system using a combination of QR code and OTP for enhanced security. The e-Authentication system is designed to avoid hacking of accounts through surfing and misuse of login credentials. It is a process used to verify someone’s identity by electronic means for the purpose of allowing access to electronic accounts and other information. The system has security measures such as an automatic logout for inactive users in order to reduce the risk that someone’s identity will be used by another person.


Real-time web search engine:

It requires developing a web search engine that displays a list of web resources applicable to the user’s search term. The search engine use web reflection to allow to access web pages and other online resources. It provides a text box in which users can type their queries and hit the search button to get applicable results. A software application which crawls the web to index and provides the information based on the user search query. It provides real-time results based upon the backend crawling and data analysis algorithm users use. The results of a search engine are represent in the form of URLs with an abstract.


Task Management Application:

It’s a design that will test specialized knowledge and coding skills to a greater extent. The task needs to have an intuitive interface that will make it easier for users to interact and manage tasks. It allows users to produce distinct accounts and start managing everyday tasks effectively. The process of managing a task through its lifecycle. It involves the planning, estimation and scheduling of the task as well as the ability to track dependencies and milestones. It is use to manage tasks, help with the estimation and scheduling, track dependencies, resources and milestones and help to make decisions when changes in priority are need.


Symbol recognition:

This design seeks to make a system that can recognize symbols fitted by the user. The symbol recognition system leverages an image recognition algorithm to reuse images and to identify symbols. The system takes inputs as images, it delivers output in a textual form. It is a subfield of general pattern recognition problems that focuses on identifying, detecting, and recognizing symbols in technical documents. It aims at providing the reader an overview of the different existing ways of describing and recognizing symbols has evolved to attain a certain degree of maturity.


Cursor movement on object motion:

A system where cursor move through desktop and action will do based on hand gesture. The System will detect RGB color object which will act as mouse. This is import in order to work with cursor and will acquire single frame from video and for user friendliness. It has been develop to help the physical world interact with the digital world. This method mainly focuses on the use of a web camera to develop a virtual human-computer interaction device in a cost-effective manner.


Advantages of Computer Science Projects

  • By working on computer science projects, it will gain knowledge and skills that will be suitable to apply in the future to facilitate and speed up numerous processes and to break numerous problems.
  • It can get technical skills and will gain a wider knowledge and a view of problems, which can give an advantage of solving more complex tasks.
  • In learning computer science develops skills and teaches how to efficiently solve difficult problems. These skills are useful in life and allow for logistic approach to everyday matters.
  • It gets a majority of career opportunities overseas and helps aspirants gain necessary skills and a greater platform to showcase their skills and step up on their career ladder.

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