TMS320F2812 DSP Development Board

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The TMS320F2812 DSP Development Board integrates the essential key features to allow users to understand the TMS320F2812 characteristics. The board supports most of the TI components devices and some peripheral options in the Code Composer Studio v4. It integrates on board LEDs, UART, Relays, LCD Display, PWM Motor CONTROL Interface, ADC, SPI DAC, SPI EEPROM and CAN on board XDS100 USB V1 EMULATOR.


Features of TMS320F2812 DSP Development Board

  • On Board XDS100 USB Emulator.
  • Flash Memory Up to 128K x 16 Flash.
  • ROM Memory Up to 128K x 16 ROM.
  • 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 MAC Operations.
  • 150 MHz (6.67-ns Cycle Time).
  • 1K x 16 Each SARAM.
  • 25MHz on board crystal.
  • Motor Control Peripherals.
  • 12-Bit ADC, 16 Channels.
  • On board RS-232 connector with line driver.
  • SCIA or SCIB can configure single UART.
  • 8 Digital LED Output.
  • 8 Digital Inputs (Push Switch).
  • 4 Digital Inputs (Slide Switch).
  • 4 Analog Inputs (Trimpot).
  • 16×2 Numeric LCD.
  • 1 Buzzer.
  • 1 Relay.
  • 12 bit SPI DAC.
  • CAN interface.
  • Multiple Booting Option Connectors.
  • Onboard IEEE 1149.1 JTAG emulation connector.

Benefits of TMS320F2812 DSP Development Board

  • 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 MAC Operations.
  • 150 MHz (6.67-ns Cycle Time).
  • Low-Power (1.8-V Core @135 MHz, 1.9-V Core @150 MHz, 3.3-V I/O) Design.
  • Advanced Motor control.
  • Solar Power systems.
  • Servo drives and motion control.
  • Renewable Energy and Uninterrupted power supplies

TEXAS – TMS320F2812

  • Flash Devices: Up to 128K x 16 Flash (Four 8K x 16 and Six 16K x 16 Sectors)
  • ROM Devices: Up to 128K x 16 ROM
  • 1K x 16 OTP ROM
  • L0 and L1: 2 Blocks of 4K x 16 Each Single-Access RAM (SARAM)
  • H0: 1 Block of 8K x 16 SARAM
  • M0 and M1: 2 Blocks of 1K x 16 Each SARAM

DSP Development Kit Includes

  • TMS320F2812 DSP Development Board
  • 5V Power Adaptor.
  • RS232 Serial Cable,
  • CD: Examples, Datasheet, Software’s, utility.

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