Single Phase Rectifier Trainer Kit using TI Launchpad XL TMS320F28027F

This Single Phase rectifier trainer kit integrated with Texas Instrument’s DSP help the user to understand complete hardware design of single phase rectifier system on both simulation and hardware. SCR’S were triggered by DSP enabling students to learn how to use DSP for power electronics applications.
This kit has an Texas Instruments C2000 PICCOLO LaunchPad TMS320F28027 with inbuilt XDS100 Emulator and provides reliable and graphical programming development environment system for power electronics application.
Low cost DSP development platform for Power Electronics Application from Texas Instruments.

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  • Input Voltage       : 50VAC (230V, AC Compatible)
  • Output Voltage     : 0-230V DC
  • Current                  : 2A
  • Frequency             : 50Hz


  • Isolated Input Power supply 50VAC (230V/2A) via Step down transformer.
  • Input Current Measurement through current transducer.
  • Isolated ground.
  • 4 No’s SCRs with heat sink.
  • 3 No’s Power Diodes connected to sockets.
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protection.
  • Line Synchronization is implemented to generate necessary firing pulses.
  • Various test points available to probe the output.
  • 3 No’s switches are provided to increase or decrease the firing angle (0°-180°).
  • Clear Connection Diagram.
  • USB debugging and programming interface via a high-speed galvanically isolated XDS100v2 emulator featuring a USB/UART connection.
  • Superset F28027 device that allows applications to easily migrate to lower cost devices.
  • Nibble (4-bit) wide LED display.
  • Two push buttons for user feedback and device reset.
  • Easily accessible device pins for debugging purposes or as sockets for adding customized extension boards.
  • Boot selection and USB and UART disconnect switches.

 Instrumentation needed for experiments.

The instrumentation recommended for the execution of the Experiments of this Book is comprised of:

  • Inductive load 120mH / 2Amps
  • Rheostat load 200 Ohms / 2Amps
  • Digital multimeter with 4 1/2-digit resolution
  • 100MHz 2-channels Digital Oscilloscope + 2 current probes 20A/50MHz

 List of Experiments

  • Study of pulse generation for single phase SCR using TI C2000 Launchpad and MATLAB
  • To analyze the output waveform of Single-Phase SCR based on various Firing angle control.
  • To analyze the Voltage across each SCR for various firing angle
  • Study of input current variation for R Load, RL Load
  • The above experiments can be done for single phase half wave converter, Full converter, Semi converter and AC voltage controller.

Package Includes

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1 Single Phase Rectifier Trainer Kit with inbuilt TI Launchpad TMS320F28027F 1
2 USB Cable 1
3 50V AC Power Supply Unit 1
4 Patch Cords 10
5 1A Fuse (5*20mm Glass Fuse) 10
6 Manual 1
7 Software CD- Evaluation Version 1

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