Relay Buzzer Interface Card

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Features of Relay & Buzzer

  • 6 Nos. SPDT Relays
  • 2 Nos. Magnetic Buzzer
  • Slide switch to control buzzer selection
  • 20-pin Box Connector


  • Small 1A SPDT Relay, 5v, made by OMRON.
    1.0A at 30VCD | 0.5A at 125VAC | 0.3A at 60VCD
  • High sensitivity: 150 mW nominal power consumption with 96 mW pickup power
  • Small size at 10H x 7.5W x 12.5L mm
  • Conforms to FCC part 68 voltage surge
  • Fully sealed construction
  • Ideal for use in telecommunications, security, and computer/peripheral equipment


  • Rated Voltage 5.0 | Operating Voltage 4.0~8.0V
  • Mean Current 50mA Applying rated voltage, rated frequency (Max) Square wave
  • Direct Current Resistance 40-Ohm
  • Sound Output dBA 85 (Distance at 10cm, applying rated voltage, rated frequency square wave)
  • Rated Frequency 2400Hz

Kit Includes

  • Relay | Buzzer Card
  • Interface Cable
  • Datasheets | App notes

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