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With this gadget, you can enjoy HD video in large screen. LARGE COMPATIBILITY. The?HDMI-VGA?converter is compatible with laptop, TV BOX or other devices with?HDMI?port.

The present video innovation is moving endlessly from simple (VGA) for an advanced association design (HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort). Nonetheless, there are still circumstances where you need to change the showcase innovations, normally due to varying ports on a PC and show

A HDMI to VGA converter might be a less expensive link that associates a HDMI signal from a PC to a VGA association on a more established presentation.

A HDMI link can impart a sound and video sign over a similar link. In any case, a VGA link can just acknowledge a video signal. To get sound and video, buy a converter with a VGA connector and a sound link or USB with sound capacity

Interfacing your PC to a TV will permit you to appreciate a greater showcase. It is ideal for watching films or demonstrating slideshows for the entire family. A VGA link makes interfacing your PC to a TV conceivable, and 3.5 mm sound links will permit you to communicate the sound to the TV.



1.Connect the gadgets to each other. Utilize the VGA link to do the last mentioned – plug one finish of the link into a viable port on the TV, and the opposite end into a viable port on the PC.

2.Connect the 3.5 mm sound link to the earphone jack of the PC. Associate the opposite finish of the 3.5mm sound link to the sound in your TV or speakers.

3.Click “Start” in your PC. At that point select “Control Panel.”

4.Click “Show.” Then snap on Adjust Resolution.


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