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HC-12 wireless serial port communication module is a new-generation multichannel
embedded wireless data transmission module. Its wireless working frequency band is
433.4-473.0MHz, multiple channels can be set, with the stepping of 400 KHz, and
there are totally 100 channels. The maximum transmitting power of module is
100mW (20dBm), the receiving sensitivity is -117dBm at baud rate of 5,000bps in the
air, and the communication distance is 1,000m in open space.
The module is encapsulated with stamp hole, can adopt patch welding, and its
dimension is 27.8mm ? 14.4mm ? 4mm (including antenna cap, excluding spring
antenna), so it is very convenient for customers to go into application system. There is
a PCB antenna pedestal ANT1 on the module, and user can use external antenna of
433M frequency band through coaxial cable; there is also an antenna solder eye
ANT2 in the module, and it is convenient for user to weld spring antenna. User could
select one of these antennas according to use requirements.
There is MCU inside the module, and user don?t need to program the module
separately, and all transparent transmission mode is only responsible for receiving and
sending serial port data, so it is convenient to use. The module adopts multiple serial
port transparent transmission modes, and user could select them by AT command
according to use requirements. The average working current of three modes FU1, FU2
and FU3 in idle state is 80?a, 3.6mA an 16mA respectively, and the maximum
working current is 100mA (in transmitting state)

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