Conventional Buck Converter

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Conventional Buck Converter

The dc-dc power converters are gaining more attention in the power electronic research field. To cross the voltage demand, single input and multiple output topologies (SIMO) are developed. So many converters are available under this category. Integrated Dual Output Converter (IDOC) is one of the single input multi output topologies. IDOC is a DC-DC power converter that performs both buck and boost operations. The single power supply is used both simultaneously. Both of the switches in the IDOC can be connected in series. And operated to obtain the boost and buck voltages. In this project, the basic operation of IDOC is presented and compared with the conventional buck converter. The hardware of IDOC with 100W is developed and tested. Also, the experimental results are compared with the simulation results. also, the performance comparison among buck, boost, and IDOC converters is tested.


This conventional buck converter is used to step down the dc voltage from the input voltage. This converter has one switching device, inductor, and capacitor. In this buck converter, the switching device is not operated, the voltage is not produced in the output. When the switch gets on, the diode is reverse biased and the supply voltage is equal to the addition of inductor and capacitor voltages. When the switch gets turned off, the inductor makes the diode on. Both the inductor and capacitor feed the load.


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  • PIC microcontroller(PIC16F877A)

Double Frequency Buck Converter 2

  • Driver BoardConventional Buck Converter 2



  • Matlab/Simulink


  • Soft switching
  • Low cost
  • High efficient


  • Where multiple output voltages are needed with a single input source.
  • Soft switching applications
  • Projectors


In this project, the performance of the conventional buck converter is designed and simulated by using Matlab software. And the result of the buck converter is verified. This project is used to step down or decrease the input voltage of DC. The hardware output will be compared with the simulation output. A small deviation in the hardware results from the simulation results is due to the non-idealities present in the passive elements.


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