Automatic Vehicle Detection for Billing Based on Vehicle in Toll Using Load Cell

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Automatic Vehicle Detection for Billing Based on Vehicle in Toll Using Load Cell

In this project, we will discuss RFID based Smart Toll Collection System as a solution to solve the traffic problems and also to maintain transparency of the toll collection system. Our aim is to make a digital toll collection system that will be less time-consuming and automated.? The proposed RFID system uses tags that are mounted on the windshields of vehicles, through which information embedded on the tags is read by RFID readers; the proposed system eliminates the need for vehicle owners and toll authorities to manually perform ticket payments and toll fee collections, respectively. Data information is also easily exchanged between the vehicle owners and toll authorities, thereby enabling a more efficient toll collection by reducing traffic and eliminating possible human errors. In addition, in this project, we will measure the weight of the vehicles using a weight sensor. Overweight transport will be blocked, they will not get access.

Automatic Vehicle Detection for Billing Based on Vehicle in Toll Using Load Cell


Now the day’s traffic problem is a very severe problem in our country. In India, every day we have to face traffic jams for several hours which is very annoying at the same time creates huge trouble in our daily life. Traffic jams mainly cause reckless driving and also for the rash vehicles on the road. To the reduction of traffic problems, the government has made many bridges, fly, and bypass roads. People have to pay a toll when they pass by any vehicle. Unfortunately, the toll collection system is manual in our country which takes many times to pass the vehicles and creates traffic jams. Here we are introducing an Electronic toll collection system using RFID technology which will be an automatic system, that will not stop the vehicles, as well as this system, will help to reduce traffic jams. Here, the payment will be taken from the bank account of the vehicle owner and he will receive a message from the server that the toll payment has been taken. In addition, our system will also help to solve traffic severe crashes, which are mainly caused by over speeding as here we have used speed breakers to slow down the speed of the vehicles when the RFID tag will read the information of the vehicles.

Automatic Vehicle Detection for Billing Based on Vehicle in Toll Using Load Cell


This system is based on barcode-based vehicle identification. In this, a bar-coded sticker is attached to the vehicle and read by a laser scanner when it passes through the toll plaza illustrating the working system for electronic tolling. It is the simplest as well as oldest technology. It is used in various applications such as in libraries for managing book records, shopping plazas to take an account of sales and purchases, the food industry to store food details, and many more.


  • RF tags cannot be implemented on each and every vehicle because it will be very expensive to fit a transponder on each vehicle. This is the major disadvantage of the RFID tag method that it has a major start-up expense.
  • The accuracy of output is less
  • Not an automatic system in the existing system
  • Old technology is used in the existing system

Automatic Vehicle Detection for Billing Based on Vehicle in Toll Using Load Cell


In order to overcome the difficulties in the Existing system, an RFID-based Tollbooth system was introduced. RFID Reader is Presented in the Tollbooth and All-Vehicle drivers have Tagged. Based on the weight of the vehicle it automatically differs the Rate. Once the driver swipes the tag with Reader based on its weight it automatically deducts the amount. It shows the current and available balance in your Account.


  • Accuracy of output is increased
  • The payment process is simplified
  • No traffic jam at the toll
  • Database is used


Automatic Vehicle Detection for Billing Based on Vehicle in Toll Using Load Cell


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Raspberry pi is used as the heart of this system. RFID reader and tag, Load cell, and LCD are interfaced with Raspberry pierid Reader is placed on the toll booth and RFID Tag is Presented on all vehicle drivers. The load cell is interfaced via an Amplification circuit to Raspberry pi. Based on the Load they can pay the amount in the Tollbooth. After they pay the amount using RF Tag their balance amount available in the account is displayed in Monitor. MYSQL database is used to get details of the vehicle

Automatic Vehicle Detection for Billing Based on Vehicle in Toll Using Load Cell


  • Raspberry pi
  • RFID Reader with Tag
  • Load Cell
  • LCD 16×2


  • Programming platform: Python IDE
  • Operating system: Raspbian Jessie
  • Programming language: Python
  • Database: MYSQL


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