Automatic Ambulance Rescue System Using Arduino

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Automatic Ambulance Rescue System Using Arduino


This system consists of traffic congestion that was recognized as a major problem in modern urban areas, which has caused much uncomfortable for the ambulance. Moreover, road accidents in the city have been nonstop and to bar the loss of life due to accidents is even more crucial. We are implementing the AARS system is called (Automatic ambulance rescue system). The main aim of this scheme is to provide a smooth flow for the ambulance to reach the hospitals in time. The aim of implementing this would control mechanically the traffic lights in the path of the ambulance. The ambulance is controlled by the central unit which furnishes the scantest route to the ambulance and also controls the traffic light according to the ambulance location and thus reaching the hospital safely. From SMS we are, identify the location of the accident spot through the sensor systems in the vehicle which encountered the accident and thus the server walks through the ambulance to the spot. This system is fully automated, to find the accident spot, control the traffic lights, helping to reach the hospital in time.

Automatic Ambulance Rescue System Using Arduino

Existing System:

There is a loss of life due to the delay in the arrival of an ambulance to the hospital in the golden hour. The ambulance in the traffic signals. It would be of nice use to the ambulance if the traffic signals within the path of the hospital are ON. Post Accident Detection Systems Lack of Intelligence within the detection systems. Fails to trace the collision and pre-damage status. method of observation folks to be manual time delay (first aid).

Automatic Ambulance Rescue System Using Arduino

Proposed system:

This system is controlling the traffic signals and achieves the above-named task in order that the ambulance would be able to cross all the traffic junctions without waiting. The ambulance is radio-controlled to the hospital by the server through the shortest route. The vehicle unit put within the vehicle senses the accident and sends the location of the accident to the most GSM.


Block diagram

Automatic Ambulance Rescue System Using Arduino


automatic ambulanace
Automatic Ambulance Rescue System Using Arduino

Hardware Tools  

  • Arduino Uno
  • Mems Sensor
  • GSM Modem       
  • GPS Modem
  • RF Module
  • Encoder/ Decoder
  • LCD display
  • Traffic Light

Software Tools

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C


  • Anti-theft systems
  • Crash recorders
  • Dead reckoning
  • Bio-medical ap


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