8279 Keyboard and display Interface Card


Features of 8279 Keyboard and display Interface Card

  • Display Interface: 6 No of Seven Segment
  • Matrix Key Interface: 18 No of snap on keys
  • Simultaneous Keyboard and Display operation.
  • 3 input mode such as scanned keyboard mode, scanned sensor mode and strobed input entry mode
  • 6 character Display
  • 8 character keyboard FIFO
  • Right or Left entry 6 Byte Display RAM
  • Programmable Scan Timing
  • 2 Key lockout or N-key Roll-over with contact debounce.
  • Auto Increment facility for easy programming
  • 50 pin FRC connector to interface with 8085/8086/8051 Trainer Kits

Card Feature

  • Keyboard and Display Section
  • 50-pin Box Connector
  • Ability to interface with 8085/8086/8051 MTK

Kit Includes

  • 8279 Keyboard and Display Controller
  • Interface Cable
  • CD Contains:
    • Datasheets

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