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8085 microprocessor Trainer kit is proposed to smooth the progress of learning and developing designs of 8085 microprocessor family from Intel. This kit can be programmed using a PC’s 101/104 Keyboard without using a pc, thus making this kit as a standalone kit. User can enter programs in Assembly languages. User could verify the programs through LCD or PC Serial Port. This kit comes along with a user-friendly Firmware confirms facilitating the beginners learns operations of a microprocessor quickly.

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Warranty: 3 Months

SKU: PS-8085-LAB-KITCategory: Microcontroller Boards 

Key Features of 8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit

  • Devices: 8085(Intel)
  • Clock: 6.144MHz crystal
  • 32KB-SRAM for user Data
  • 16KB-EEPROM for Monitor Program
  • 2×16 Char LCD display
  • 48 Programmable I/O Pins for (2 x 8255)
  • Three 16-bit programmable timer (8253/8254)
  • 40-Pin FRC connector for Bus Extension
  • 20-Pin FRC connector Add-on Interface from 8255
  • 9-pin DB connector for UART (RS232) interface
  • Built-in assembler and dis-assembler.
  • 101-PC Type keyboard to enter user address/data commands
  • Software Monitor for loading and executing programs with break point facility

Compatible Add on Cards for 8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit

  • 4×4 Matrix Keypad
  • 7 Segment Display Board -8 Nos
  • 7 Segment Display Board
  • LCD Interface Card
  • DAC 0800 Interface Card
  • Thermal Printer Interface Card
  • ADC 0809 Interface Card
  • Traffic Light Controller Interface Card
  • LCD & GLCD Interface Card
  • Stepper Motor Interface card
  • Relay & Buzzer                       
  • Digital Switch & LED Interface Card
  • 8259 Interrupt Interface Card
  • 8279 Keyboard and display Interface Card
  • 8251 & 8253 Interface Card 

Kit Includes

  • Intel 8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit (INTEL – 8085)
  • Power Adaptor
  • RS232 Cable | PC104 Keyboard
  • User Guide: HW/SW
  • CD Contains:
    • Code
    • Datasheets

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