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Education for everyone

IIPM Certified Courses

Indian Institute for Production Management, popularly known as iiPM Kansbahal is a distinguish corporate promoted Techno -Managerial Institute of the country, which has always set a new benchmarking in the field of Training, Education, Research and CBM which is only replicated by others

Effective Training will give you the experience to confidently opt a career of your choice or hone and up skill your knowledge in a particular domain. It is with that intention, IIPM Kansbahal have come up with Industry – Academia alliance. IIPM – PANTECH training provide Student a perfect platform to apply their classroom learning into professional environments, gain exposure to their chosen domain and gain coveted work experience.

Key Features

  • 10 Hrs of  Training
  • Project – Driven
  • F2F Live Interaction with the Mentor
  • Hands-on Sessions
  • Project Assignments
  • Certification from IIPM 
  • Codes & Materials
  • Live sessions
  • Forum support for Practice
IIPM AWS Banner a

IIPM Certified Training on IoT with AWS

IIPM Certified Training on Augmented Reality

IIPM Certified Training on Augmented Reality

IIPM Certified Training on Blockchain

IIPM Certified Training on Blockchain

IIPM Certified Training on MATLAB Programming

IIPM Certified Training on MATLAB Programming

₹500.00 ₹350.00
IIPM  industrial IoT

IIPM Certified Industrial IoT

₹500.00 ₹350.00
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Get the most dedicated consultation for your life-changing IIPM Training Programs. Earn a certification for your effort and passion More IIPM Training Programs

Education for everyone

Why Pantech eLearning?

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Self-Paced Online Video

A 360-degree learning approach that you can adapt to your learning style

Live Virtual Class Room

Engage and learn more with these live and highly-interactive classes alongside.

24/7 Teaching Assistance

Keep engaged with integrated teaching assistance in your desktop and mobile.

Online Practice Labs

Projects provide you with sample work to show prospective employers

Applied Projects

Real-world projects relevant to what you’re learning throughout the program

Learner Social Forums

A support team focused on helping you succeed alongside a peer community

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