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Best IoT home automation using Raspberry Pi

Best IoT home automation using Raspberry Pi


What is Home Automation?

Best IoT home automation using Raspberry Pi is the technology which provides with the power to access home appliances and other things with a mobile phone. This is possible employing a network connectivity throughout the world. It is used for isolated programmable devices, like thermostats and sprinkler systems, but home automation more accurately describes homes during which nearly everything is attached to a remotely controllable network.

Why use Home Automation?

The smart devices and appliances which will be connected to an area network, via internet or Wi-Fi. However, electrical systems like light switches and electrical outlets, were also integrated into home automation networks, and lots of businesses have even explored the potential of IP-based inventory tracking. Although home networks are capable of includes an increasing number of devices and systems.

Best IoT home automation using Raspberry Pi

The device that builds as a part of this project can assist a user in controlling all the house appliances via Wi-Fi technology. The Raspberry Pi may be a miniature size computer capable of performing all the functions as that of a computer. It has to attach the house appliances to the Raspberry Pi board with help of relay driver modules. Relay Driver Modules will facilitate the on/Off actions supported the load given. The system are going to be connected to the web through Wi-Fi and a cloud interface are going to be created to regulate the appliances from a location. Even, can connect this device to an Android App. By using the app, it’ll be ready to monitor and control the house appliances from any a part of the world with ease.

Raspberry Pi Architecture

The Raspberry Pi has the power to perform the actions of a totally capable computer. It is an open-source hardware technology which is that the combination of a programing language and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The Raspberry Pi has four distinct power mode,

The run mode: The central processing unit (CPU) has functional of the ARM11 core are going to be available at this mode.

The standby mode: The parts of the CPU that process instructions will not run during this mode. The power circuit on the core will remain active. A process generating to the CPU interrupt will quickly wake the core.

The shutdown mode: The board are going to be during a complete shutdown.

The dormant mode: All the caches are ON. Core is OFF.

Raspbian OS Integration

Raspbian OS is that the OS available for Raspberry Pi. It has to optimize this OS for its usage on Raspberry Pi.

Relay Driver (IC ULN2803 APG)

Most importantly, make sure that the relay driver IC must have following features:

  • 500-mA rated collector current
  • High voltage outputs – 50 V
  • Output clamp diodes
  • Inputs compatible with various types of logic


Below are the steps that best describe the conditions that need to provide in the program to build an IoT based home automation system

  • Start the system
  • Initialize Raspberry Pi, PIR, Relay Driver
  • PIR sensor detector
  • Switch ON appliance connected to the relay
  • Control the appliances through an Android App
  • Stop

Programming language: Python Programming Kit require to develop IoT based Home Automation using Raspberry Pi:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Relay Driver Module

What are the Advantages?

Safety: Many home automation technologies fall into the umbrella of home security. These devices make home safer and more secure. The automated sensors help security camera and offer benefits through either remote monitoring of package deliveries or real-time video of unwanted visitors.

Convenience: Home automation technology performs tasks automatically; end users experience great convenience. The smart gadgets are compatible, and it set different triggers between devices to automate regular home processes.

Control: The People choose smart home devices to better control functions within the home. With home automation technology, it can know what’s happening inside the home at all times.

Comfort: The device helps to create a comfort to provide adaptive lighting, sound, and temperature, which can help create an inviting environment.

How Pantech help to build IoT home automation using Raspberry Pi?

Pantech eLearning help to build IoT home automation using Raspberry Pi. Pantech eLearning offers internships, courses, workshops and projects on Raspberry Pi.

It helps to learn about the essential of Raspberry Pi as it requires for Internet of Things (IoT) technology. With the Raspberry Pi, can build a home automation system that is capable of handling and operating any of home devices automatically.

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