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Best Engineering Projects for CSE

Best Engineering Projects for CSE

Best Engineering Projects for CSE

Pantech is providing one of the best engineering projects for CSE in Hyderabad which helps to overview the concepts of CSE projects. It provides ample opportunity to nurture and promote the design implementation skills, taking it to advanced levels and helping to visualize that would boost their confidence as true professionals.

Computer science projects encompass programming, design, analysis, and theory. It involves designing and developing various application-based software products and results.

About Pantech

Pantech is a platform for engineering students to work on CSE projects. It undertakes practical training through real-world computer science engineering projects and assignments. The aims to conduct students with practical knowledge of operating computer systems.

It provides best training on the CSE projects and get hands-on to demonstrate the design to apply the theoretical concepts.


What is CSE

Computer Science Engineering is an engineering discipline that includes various subjects to develop the computer system. It’s a branch of engineering that deals with the scientific study of computers like data processing, systems control, and artificial intelligence.


List of Best Engineering Projects for CSE

IoT using Raspberry Pi:

IoT systems can be erect using the raspberry pi board as well. This design is based on collecting data on temperature and moisture streaming it over the internet. The general-purpose pins are fully programmable and can be used in either an output or input mode.

However, the devices generally came with limited memory and computing power and required the use of particular programming languages. IoT Raspberry Pi can be used in a wide variety of tasks. It’s ideal and best suitable for projects where there is a computer requirement and doesn’t require much processing power.


Surveillance Robot:

The surveillance robots have made it much easier to keep an eye on particular spaces. The robot is controlled from a remote position and video is shown live on the screen. The raspberry pi is employed as a microcontroller in the CSE project.

There are surveillance robots and other home automated devices that can show live video and take images to monitor from a remote place and also to control the surveillance device through the phone. It can be done by fixing the surveillance system on a robot and can control the robot from a smartphone.


Symbol Recognition using MATLAB:

The system where the symbol is recognized and the user input images system will apply the algorithm to identify the symbol. This system is applied in some image processing way in order to work with images. It will provide a query image system it compares the query image values and template image values in the dataset and will display the result in text format. The system will take an image as an input and output the result in text format in order to recognize the symbol.


Android Smart Ticketing Using RFID:

This is an advanced ticketing system making it easier for the commuter to travel to keep exact records of the passengers. This System is a web and android based system that is connected to the RFID Reader to cover the current updates of a particular vehicle and passengers on it.

The services can be accessed through the internet and provide easier scalability and high availability. It proposed an idea for implementing smart card technology for ticketing the passengers traveling. The smart card is mainly based on the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.


Smart Health Prediction Using Data Mining:

A system that allows users to get instant guidance on health issues through an intelligent health care system online. The system is fed with various symptoms and the conditions associated with it. The application of a data mining algorithm for health prediction can eventually shape a suitable health prediction system for patients.

Data mining is a process of searching patterns or correlations from a large data set to valuable information that can solve problems and predict outcomes. It involves analyzing a certain amount of information to locate certain patterns of occurrence to predict future tendencies and several processes of effective data collection and computer processing.

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