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Android Development Projects in Chennai for students

Android Development Projects

Over 85% of the global smartphone users are using Android. Learning to build applications for Android can be a wise career move. So, if you are a beginner in android programming, the best thing you can do is work on some real-time Android development projects.

Android application development is not just about building and adding it to Google’s Play Store. It requires careful planning, study, and a clear focus. Working on android development projects can not only be able to test your strengths and weaknesses, but also gain exposure that can boost your career.

Why Android Development Projects are Important

Android is a Linux-based operating system using mostly in smartphones and tablets. However, nowadays, many other devices are using android OS in them. This turns them into smart devices.

Android Smart TVs, Smart vehicle interface for GPS, and smart electrical devices are also popular these days.

Moreover, the Android platform is open source. This means the entire Android source code is free to use. This makes the developer ecosystem dynamic and also rich.

When it comes to careers, Android Development Projects are a must for aspiring developers. Developing real-world projects are the best way to sharpen your skills. Also it can convert your theoretical knowledge into practical experience.

What are the Skills Needed?

One of the most basic building blocks of Android development is Java programming language. To become a successful Android developer, you will need to learn Java concepts.

You will also need to understand the basics of SQL in order to manage the databases within Android applications. SQL is a language for writing queries to get/give information from /to the databases.

Android Studio is the main program where developers write code. Also they use it to organise their applications from different packages and libraries.

As with any job, it’s not enough to have the technical knowledge. You’ve got to sharpen your interpersonal as well as your coding skills too.

How to start Android Development Projects?

Becoming an Android developer can be relatively easy. But becoming a well-known Android developer and standing out from the crowd is not that easy. It requires huge hard work, passion, and dedication.

Pantech eLearning is a Chennai based Online Learning Service provider. We are offering projects on the Android Platform. These projects will help you to understand the techniques and skills necessary to become a successful Android Developer. Some of the topics we are offering are Voice base chat-bot, Smart Bus ticket system, Secure and Smart Parking System, and many more. Certifications will also provide after the successful completion of the projects.

Visit our Website and Book your Projects Now.

Some features of Android

Most Android devices support Near Field Communication (NFC). This allows electronic devices to easily communicate across short distances. Main use of NFC is cashless payment.

Android also supports multiple keyboards and makes them easy to install.

The Android OS supports a built-in infrared transmitter. This allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control.

Android widgets allow you to display any feature you select, right on the home screen.

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