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AI based Project Ideas for Final Year Students to Practice

AI based Project Ideas
AI based Project Ideas

Most of the students are a little intimidated by final year projects, but they go a long way toward passing their final exams. It also helps you become a more versatile engineer by practicing applying the theories you learned over the course of the year.

Every student interested to make a career in AI must work on a practical AI based Project to get first-hand knowledge of how AI models are developed and used in real-world settings. Selecting the topic for AI based project for final year can be a little overwhelming. To help you out, Pantech has prepared the following article on artificial intelligence projects using Python.

This article will give you some ideas for projects on artificial intelligence for final year using Python. 

Let’s start

Top 8 topics for AI based final year projects for students

  1. Recognition of Handwritten Digits
  2. Traffic Predictor
  3. Next Word Prediction
  4. Bird Spices Predictor
  5. Plagiarism Detector
  6. Fake Review Detector
  7. Voice-Based Virtual Assistant
  8. CV Analysis

       1.Recognition of Handwritten Digits

    Handwriting varies from person to person, and since the numbers are handwritten, they differ greatly in size and curve. Use AI to design handwritten digit recognition systems that can recognize human-drawn digits.

    First, you need a basic knowledge of computer vision to tackle this project. You should train your solution on simple numbers like 0 and 1 and then move on to more complex numbers. It is a great AI Projects for final year students.

         2.Traffic Predictor

    This AI based project requires creating a traffic analysis tool that suggests the best path to reach a destination. The tool should check various factors such as traffic density, route length, and mode of transport and suggest the best and fastest route accordingly. 

    Companies like Google Maps, Uber, Ola and many others use this technology. You can take inspiration from there. Hence working on this AI based Project for final year student can be beneficial.

         3.Next Word Prediction

    Typing accurately and quickly on a desktop computer keyboard or laptop is not difficult, but typing on a small device such as a mobile phone is a different story and it can be frustrating sometimes. 

    The next word prediction will allow the user to improve their typing experience on small devices by predicting the next word in a sentence. One doesn’t have to type entire sentences as the algorithm predicts the next word and prominently reduces typo errors. This AI based project for final year student is a great way to score good marks in their practical’s.

         4.Bird Spices Predictor

    Classifying birds manually can be done by experts, but the sheer amount of data makes it a difficult and time-consuming process. In such situations, classification based on artificial intelligence becomes important. 

    This AI based project can be approached in two ways. For Students or beginners, Random Forest can be used to predict bird species, and for intermediate level, you can use convolutional neural networks.

         5.Plagiarism Detector

    The Internet is filled with content that can be found on millions of different websites. It can be difficult to determine which content is original and which is plagiarized. The solution to this pervasive plagiarism problem can be solved by AI. It is a beginner-friendly AI Based Project and students can get substantial benefits from it. 

          6. Fake Review Detector

    Reading online reviews before purchasing a mobile phone or car or anything has a great influence on a buyer’s purchasing decision. Positive reviews can attract more buyers. 

    Businesses know this and sometimes manipulate reviews to their advantage. Fake reviews usually have a specific tone and language that the model can be taught to identify. You can create a classifier that detects fake reviews and prevents them from being allowed on your site. Again this AI based project for final year can help you score high.

        7. Voice-Based Virtual Assistant

    This can be an interesting AI based project for final year student. A voice-activated personal assistant is a useful tool that makes everyday activities a lot easier. A virtual voice assistant can be used to search for goods and services on the Internet to find your favorite song on YouTube, purchase goods, to write notes and reminders. 

    Assistants are taught to understand normal human speech, they recognize commands and store them in a database. It understands the user’s intent from the spoken phrase and takes appropriate action. 

        8. CV Analysis

    CV analysis is software that provides a legally compliant and fair CV ranking system. Candidates are ranked based on their skills and expertise for specific job roles. Important factors such as soft skills, interests, and professional qualifications are considered while ranking a CV. 

    It eliminates all the candidates who are not suitable and creates a list of the best candidates for the position. This AI Based Project can Help HRs to choose the right person from a huge pile of resumes is a noble cause.  

    Python (recommended), R, LISP, C++, and Julia are some of the popular languages that can be used to create your AI based project for final year


    Projects assist students in improving communication skills and gaining a competitive edge. These AI based projects for final students will benefit students in three ways. 1) They will get Practical experience. 2) Develop their pitching skills and 3) Generate fresh project ideas for the future. Explore your area of interest and engage in such projects. Assume and accept responsibility; take part in group discussions to increase your understanding. Take on initiatives that are industry-focused and grounded in research to improve your CV.

    All the best for your final year projects. Comment down below if you have any queries regarding your AI based project for the final year.

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