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Have you heard of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? It’s a hot tech trend, and we’re offering a free 21-day class. Learn at your own pace and build apps in these 2 exciting technologies. Enroll today!

This video demonstrates Create AR 3D Model Project using Vuforia and export into App

This is a tutorial on how to make an Augmented Reality App, you will be able to build an AR App with this video

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The training is a step-by-step process to learn the latest techniques in AR and VR.

The training will start from basic introduction of AR/VR, followed by learning how to create simple Augmented Reality projects using Unity3D. The course will also cover how to create virtual reality apps with Vuforia, Google AR core & Unity3D

The program consists of Five units:

Unity 3D 


Google AR Core 



Every Aspect Of AR/VR In Easy-to-Follow Steps

The training will also enable them to gain a better understanding about virtual reality and augmented reality in an attempt to enhance their skills further.

REALITY – An Introduction

This training is designed for people who want to learn about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


Vuforia Studio, that can be placed onto physical objects in real-time through an Android application built 

Working with UI with C# in unity

UI stands for User Interface. The UI controls how users interact with your app.

AR Core and unity

AR Core, also known as Google Play Services for AR, that allows for augmented reality applications to be built.

Creating 3d models 

create 3D Models, Materials and Textures in 3D modeling software and then import them into Unity

VR avatar

Create a 3D character Model that is used in a social platform Like metaverse

Joystick & IMU Sensor with Unity

sensors were utilized to track the humerus, radioulnar, and hand angles in real-time. 

VR video wall using OpenCV-python

to take a video, try to figure out what’s the background and what’s the foreground of the video, remove the background part and replace it with a picture 

This is What Makes Our Curriculum So Great

Day 1 Introduction to virtual reality & applicationDay 2 Introduction to Augmented reality & applicationDay 3 Tools explanation in unityDay 4 Working with UI with C# in unityDay 5 Creating 3d models Day 6 How to apply Motions to 3D modelsDay 7 Creating 3d models using BlenderDay 8 Introduction to Vuforia & applicationDay 9 Image target using VuforiaDay 10 Integrating cylinder targets using VuforiaDay 11 Working with multi target images using VuforiaDay 12 Integrating object target and vumarksDay 13 Working with ARCore and unityDay 14 Creating an AR Library appDay 15 About First Person cameraDay 16 Creating VR avatarDay 17 Interfacing joystick & Arduino with UnityDay 18 Integrating OpenCV with unityDay 19 Interfacing IMU Sensor with UnityDay 20 VR video wall using OpenCV-pythonDay 21 Recap of AR & VR


This Masterclass Includes Everything You Need to Grow!

The training is to facilitate the participants to get cognizance of the concepts dealt with for substantial utilization of the same information studying, teaching, Research work, and Upgrading


The incorporation of VR and AR into learning has created an environment where learners can have a hands-on learning experience. 


Videos will Make help you to Download, and Install the Software’s the Coding’s will help to Approach the Technology in better experience  



The technologies facilitate learning by doing, even in cases where the approach has been impossible. The market growth of these technologies is impressive Industrial Knowledge


Built An App & get Real time Experience with your Own Device   

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This video demonstrates Create AR 3D Model Project using Vuforia and export into App This is a tutorial on how to make an Augmented Reality App, you will be able to build an AR App in 21 Days YouTube Free Live Sessions 

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