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IoT Masterclass

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IoT Masterclass

100 days
All levels
58 lessons
0 quizzes
651 students

Learn to interface powerful devices capable of connecting to the internet wirelessly or wired, depending on the complexity of the application.  Practice and develop indigenous custom applications on your own. This internship introduces you to the amazing world of IoT and its fascinating applications. Using the Arduino / Raspberry pi Controller, you will develop an real time application with the leading cloud infrastructure – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Think Speak, Blynk.

Why Internship?

  • Learn – Practice – Implement – Grow
  • Offline videos, Online support through forums when you practice Assignments.
    What we are teaching is a year of experience on Embedded Systems and Internet of Things, You could reduce your research time and learn on 30 days.
  • All Video access for 60 days
  • Download all source code
  • PPTs
  • 1 Month Internship e Certificate
  • Assignments
  • 10+ Projects

What do you learn in this Master Class?

Day -1 : Introduction to IoT & the Protocols

Day -2: Fundamentals of Arduino, Programming & Interfacing

Day -3: Working with Digital sensors – Speed Sensor, DHT11, Contactless Temperature Sensor.

Day -4: Interfacing Analog Sensors using MCP3008 – LDR, Gas, Mems.

Day -5: Data Monitoring using Thing Speak & Arduino

Day -6: Integrating Arduino with AWS Cloud

Day -7:  Real time application using Blynk App

Day -8: Webpage Monitoring using Arduino & HTML

Day -9: Data logging to Microsoft Azure cloud using Arduino

Day -10: Interfacing Arduino with Arduino Cloud

Day -11: Home Automation using MQTT Protocol

Day -12: Automatic mail Alert using SMTP Protocol

Day -13: Recording sensor data to google sheet using IFTTT with Arduino

Day -14: Monitoring sensor data using UBIDOTS with Arduino

Day -15: Home automation using Google Assistant

Day -16: Device Communication using UDP & TCP Protocol

Day -17: Raspberry Pi Overview & Python Programming

Day -18: Working with Digital Sensors – Spo2 & Pressure Sensor

Day -19: Interfacing Analog sensors using MCP3008 – Flame Sensor, Level Sensor & Moisture Sensor.

Day -20: API integration with Thing Speak using Raspberry Pi

Day -21: Data transmission from Raspberry Pi to AWS Cloud

Day -22:  Real time Application using Blynk App

Day -23: Robot Control through Webpage using PHP

Day -24: Logging sensor data to Microsoft Azure

Day -25: Home Automation using MQTT & Mail alert using SMTP

Day -26: Creating webpage using flask with Raspberry Pi

Day -27: Logging Sensor Data to Google sheet using Raspberry Pi

Day -28: Working with Sensor data & UBIDOT with Raspberry Pi

Day -29: Integrating Alexa with Raspberry Pi

Day -30: Working with Augment Reality & IoT using Raspberry Pi

1. login and Select the Course -> Find the Click the Curriculum -> videos ( Recorded sessions List ) will Display the Content
1 total


  • sharath2110

    We Can learn so much

    I dont know anything about the iot but by this i learnt so much in just 7 days i think i will learn still


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IOT Master Class a1 jpg
Course Preview
  • Price
  • Instructor pantech
  • Duration 30 Days
  • Lessons 58
  • Enrolled 651 student

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