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What is NLP? | Best use of Natural Language Processing


What is Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is a branch of AI that helps to understand, i.e.; interpret and manipulate human language. By utilizing NLP, it organizes and structure knowledge to perform tasks.

Best use of Natural Language Processing

Question Answering: It’s a system capable of answering a person’s request. It is used as a text-only interface system. This remains a relevant challenge for search engines, and it is one of the foremost uses of processing research.

Machine Translation: It is widely used applications of deep learning in NLP. With this, automatic translation developed in computer algorithms is feasible without getting humans involved within the process. This highly affects businesses when translating low-impact content like i.e.; product reviews, regulatory documents, and emails quickly.

Information retrieval: It can be defined as a software program that deals with i.e.; organization, storage, and evaluation information from document particularly textual information. It informs the existence and site of documents which may contains the specified information.

Information Extraction: It aims to collect and extract collated relevant information during a quick manner which will be used efficiently within the development and improvement of various businesses. It makes use of unstructured data from i.e.; social media, emails and interactions with customer service and converting it into accessible data facilitating the choice making of companies through advanced algorithms and software applications.

Sentiment Analysis: It is the process of interpreting and classifying emotions within text data. Usually having business-specific applications, sentiment analysis allows businesses to spot the sentiment of a customer towards i.e.; services, brands, or products in online feedback.

Importance of NLP

Natural language processing helps to communicate with humans in their own language. It analyzes more language-based on data, without fatigue and unbiased way. NLP is helps to resolve in language and adds useful numeric structure for several downstream applications, like i.e.; speech recognition or text analytics.

Benefits of Natural Language Processing

  • NLP allows non-subject matter experts to get answers to their questions.
  • It creates structure from i.e.; a highly data source.
  • It helps identify causes of product quicker.
  • It identify profitable customers and understand the explanations of loyalty.
  • NLP help to recognize and classify i.e.; fraudulent claims.
  • NLP also reduce customer complaints i.e.; by identify trends in communication.
  • It can even understand competitor’s product offerings.

How Pantech help to understand the best use of NLP

Pantech eLearning help to understand the best use of NLP. Pantech eLearning offers i.e.; internships, courses, workshops and projects on NLP.

This course introduces NLP through the use of Natural Language Tool Kit. Through a practical approach, get hands on experience working with analyzing text.

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