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Top VLSI Projects in Chennai

VLSI Projects

The term VLSI stands for “Very Large Scale Integration”. This technology includes design of integrated circuits (ICs) by joining lots of transistors logically into an individual chip by using various logic circuits. These ICs eventually decrease the size of the circuit when comparing with the circuits with conventional ICs. Implementing VLSI projects opens up an exciting and also a bright career for students as well as research fellows.

The electronics industry has gained an exceptional growth over the past few years. It is mainly because of the quick advances in massive scale integration and related technologies. With the arrival of very large scale integration (VLSI) designs, the wide variety of programs of ICs in high-performance computing, telecommunications, image and video processing, and also customer electronics has been growing at a rapid tempo.

Designing of VLSI

This technology is using to design or create an IC which takes lower space and is also very efficient by using more than a thousand transistors in combination called as VLSI. VLSI design is the process in which making or creating an integrated circuit is developed by the combinations of thousands of tiny microscopic transistors infused in a single chip. Generally, a VLSI chip designer is the one who designs the functions of the system on a chip called as SOC as per the requirements.

Why VLSI projects are Important?

Large circuits are out-dated and those who are still using them continuously face a lot of problems. However, VLSI solves this issue by decreasing the size of the circuit. It also helps in reducing the price of a computer system. VLSI chip increases the speed of the operating system. The computer utilizes less power which is beneficial for any user. VLSI technology is very much reliable. Finally, everything being in a tiny circuit helps in saving a lot of space.

The latest trending technologies such as high resolution and low bit-rate video and mobile phone communications are possible because of VLSI. This gives the end-users a large amount of applications, processing power and also portability. This trend is expected to grow in the upcoming years. Therefore, if you are thinking about a career in this field, doing VLSI Projects is the best idea.

Start your career with a good project

Pantech eLearning Chennai is an Online Learning Service provider. We are providing some of the best VLSI Projects.

Given below is the list of Top Projects we are providing:

  1. RoBA Multiplier with MAC Unit
  2. Implementation of Reed-Solomon Encoder
  3. High Performance Wallace Multiplier
  4. A Novel high speed dynamic comparator
  5. High Performance Array Multiplier
  6. Design and implementation of Median Architecture
  7. Design of Linear Feedback Shift Register
  8. A high speed design of 16 bit Vedic Multiplier
  9. VLSI architecture for AES Decryption algorithm
  10. Design of a Dual Port RAM using Verilog

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