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Top Python Based Projects Online in Chennai

Python Based Projects

Python is a programming language which is easy to study and understand. It is known as a beginner friendly language since the code is simple. Learning the basics of Python Programming is also a great experience. Developing Online Python Based Projects helps you understand more effectively. This is because you can choose a project topic that is best for you.

Python is one of the most important programming languages using now. It seems like this trend is about to carry forward in the upcoming years and beyond. So, if you are a beginner in Python, the important thing you can do is working on some real-time Online Python projects.

Why Online Python Based Projects are Important?  

Python is a general-purpose programming language. Python projects are using to develop both desktop and web applications. It has millions of happy learners around the world. It is using in web development, data science, creating software prototypes, and many more. Fortunately it is very much suitable for beginners since it has simple and also, easy-to-use syntax.

Working on some real-time Python projects can open many doors in your career and also land in some of the best career opportunities across the globe. Trying to work on Online Python projects would surely improve your skills and also make up your profile to face the competition in the field.

Where can you find Top Projects?

Pantech eLearning Chennai is an Online Learning Service provider. We are providing some of the best Python Based Projects for students, engineers and also researchers.

Given below are the Top 10 Online Python Based Projects we are providing:

  1. Exam Malpractice Detection

The paper proposes a workflow for the automatic detection of anomalous behaviour in an examination hall, towards the automated proctoring of tests in classes.

  1. Object Recognition using Kinect Sensor

The project presents object characteristics analysis using image processing techniques for automated vision system used at agricultural field.

  1. Social Distance Monitoring System

We introduce the Social Distancing (VSD) problem, defined as the automatic estimation of the inter-personal distance from an image.

  1. Human Action Recognition using Neural Networks

The objective of this project is to recognise and also annotate the human action in an unconstrained environment, where the images contain a huge range of variability.

  1. Food Calories Detection using Deep Learning

This paper proposes a method of ingredient-based food calorie estimation using nutrition knowledge and information.

  1. Detecting Malware Websites

Malicious Web sites largely promote the growth of Internet criminal activities and also constrain the development of Web services. We propose a learning based approach to classifying Web sites into 3 classes: Benign, Spam and Malicious.

  1. Face Counting Application using OpenCV & Python

This is done by pre-processing the face image at first and then extracting the face features. Then the detection of human faces is done using Haar.

  1. Road accident Analysis and classification

Models are created using accident data records which can help to understand the characteristics of many features like driver’s behaviour, over speed, mobile usage, and also sleeping conditions. This can help the users to compute the safety measures which are useful to avoid accidents.

  1. Human activity Recognition

This project proposes a model (HAPP) that utilizes smart home big data as a means of learning and also discovering human activity patterns for health care applications.

  1. Fake News detection using machine learning

This Project comes up with the applications of Random Forest techniques for detecting the fake misleading news stories that comes from the non-reputable sources.

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