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Top Online Java Projects In Chennai for IT Students

Online Java Projects

Java is one of the most famous and key programming language to learn. Java is using in development of software, mobile applications development, and also building of large systems. Learning the basics won’t make you ready to work in the IT industry, rather working on the real-time Java Projects will make you ready for the industry. As you start working on Online Java projects, you will not only be able to test your skills, but also gain exposure that can be largely helpful to boost your career.

What is Java and why do we need it?

Java is a high-level programming language and is one of the best languages for getting to know core coding skills. It’s because of its object-oriented programming approach. In step with oracle, java is running on 3 billion gadgets globally. This suggests the popularity of java. Java software is greater reliable, at ease, versatile, and also well suited in comparison with other languages.

The demand for java is by no means-ending. From personal computers to datacenters, gaming consoles to scientific supercomputers, mobile phones to the internet, java is almost everywhere! Many main multi-national organizations are searching out java builders. Gaining knowledge of the java programming will even assist you on your path to turn out to be software program engineer. Consequently, doing Online Java projects opens a great deal of doorways for you as a developer.

Where can you find best Online Projects?

Pantech eLearning Chennai is an Online Learning provider. We are providing Online Java projects for Students.

Given below is the list of Top Online Java projects:

  1. Smart Bus Ticketing System using Qr Code

In this paper, we are proposing QR reader for bus ticket. Users can use QR reader instead of ticket.

  1. Crime Pattern Recognition

This paper proposes an application which is developed for the crime awareness among the people and also about their safety.

  1. Online Examination Portal

This project will enable educational institutes to conduct test and have automated checking of answers base on the response by the candidates. The project also allows admin to create their own tests.

  1. Online Crime Reporting System

The victims can file the FIR through the website under various sections. The user can also send photo evidence if any online.

  1. Secure Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups

Anti-collusion information sharing scheme for dynamic companies within the cloud, the customers can securely obtain their private keys from team manager, Authorities and also through secure communication channels.

  1. SMS Application using AES Algorithm

Proposed SMS base framework provides a reliable, efficient and also cost effective solution for SMS Transmission.

  1. Career Counselling Expert System

In this system, it is a two-way beneficiary process to universities as well as students. Students can view courses offered in universities and colleges and will get guidance in opting for a course.

  1. Four factor Authentication

To design and development Captcha to address a number of security problems altogether, such as online guessing attacks, relay attacks.

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