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Top Network Security Projects Online in Chennai

Network Security Projects

Networks security is the method of providing protection to a network from unauthorized access and threats. The need for Network Security is achieving its own significance in today’s world. Also, it is the job of network admins to activate preventive measures to protect their networks. Today’s companies are experiencing a shortage of expert Networking Security Professionals. Doing Network Security Projects will certainly give individuals the chance for better career opportunities.

Why Network Security Projects are Important?

Computer networks that are involving in day to day transactions and communication require security. With a Network Security System, all the data can be kept safe. Also it can protect data from access without authorization from people present inside and outside of the network. Thus, we can prevent many cyber-attacks and other harmful activities. Generally the most usual and simple way of securing a network resource is by providing it a unique name and a good password. The Network Security Projects provide the skills required to enter fast-paced work environments.

Start your career with a good project

Pantech eLearning Chennai is an Online Learning Service provider. We are providing some of the best Network Security Projects.

Given below is the list of Top Projects we are providing:

  1. Secure File Sharing System

In this paper, we propose a secure file storing and retrieving mechanism to avoid the limitations in existing systems like, file encryption, access rights and also key management.

  1. Deduplication for Hybrid Cloud Security

To better protect data security, this paper makes the first attempt to formally address the problem of authorized data deduplication.

  1. Graphical Password Scheme

Graphical passwords are a replacement to text-type passwords where user is asking to identify an image or parts of an image rather than a word.

  1. Secure Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups

Anti-collusion information sharing scheme for dynamic companies within the cloud, the customers can also securely obtain their private keys from team manager certificates Authorities and secure communication channels.

  1. Multifarious Data Processor

Speech recognition for application Voice Message is done on Google server, using the HMM algorithm.

  1. Malware Detection

This paper introduced SparkChiSVM model for intrusion detection. We also use ChiSqSelector for feature selection, and build an intrusion detection model.

  1. Four factor Authentication

To design and development Captcha to address a number of security problems altogether, such as online guessing attacks, relay attacks.

  1. Erasure Coding Scheduling

We propose a CCC platform, called Harmony, which integrates resource management and also reputation management in a harmonious manner.

  1. User-Level Runtime Security Auditing

In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving mechanism that supports public auditing on shared data stored in the cloud. Also, we exploit ring signatures to compute verification metadata needed to audit the correctness of shared data.

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