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Top Machine Learning Based Projects in Chennai

Machine Learning Based Projects

Machine learning can be defining as an application of artificial intelligence (AI). It also allows systems to automatically learn and improve from their experience without being programming precisely. Machine learning is very much important nowadays. In fact the main reason is that it can solve real-world problems which are complicating for humans. Today it is an essential skill for all ambitious data analysts and data scientists. Learning through projects is a good idea. Projects can improve your machine learning skills rapidly. If you want to succeed, you need to start developing Machine Learning Based Projects.

Why Machine Learning Based Projects are Important?

Generally for all businesses, data is their lifeblood. Therefore data-driven decisions are important for business organizations. Machine Learning can be an important factor for businesses in analysing customer data. Thus they can take crucial decisions that keep company ahead of the competition. The development in the field of Artificial Intelligence makes more IT engineers, data scientists, and also other professionals to inspect the chances of a career in machine learning.

Where can you find the best Project Topics?

Pantech eLearning is an Online Learning Service provider at T.Nagar in Chennai. We are providing some of the best Machine Learning Based Projects. The Project Topics will help you to learn and understand the technology thoroughly to build a successful career.

Given below is the Top 10 Machine Learning Based Projects we are providing:

  1. Fake News detection

This Project comes up with the applications of Random Forest techniques for detecting the fake misleading news stories that comes from the non-reputable sources.

  1. Election Results prediction based on Twitter data

Here we collect all the twitter data. Using the data we extract all the future and getting more numbers data’s also. So we apply the Logistic regression model to classify the values and we get the more accuracy score like above 80%.

  1. Ground water level Prediction

Models for prediction of water table depth were developed depends on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) with different combinations of hydrological parameters.

  1. Student Performance analysis

After surveying the previously use factors for predicting the student’s academic performance, we pick the most relevant attributes based on their rationale and also correlation with the academic performance.

  1. Hand Gesture Recognition

The intention of this project is to discuss a novel approach of hand gesture recognition. It also depends on the detection of some shape base features.

  1. Fake profile identification

In this project, we came up with a framework through which we can detect fake profile identification using machine learning algorithms so that the social life of people becomes secure.

  1. Heart Disease Detection using Big Data

In our project, proposed system is accuracy prediction of heart disease problem in health care application. Easier to analyze the scalability of health care big data and also less time consumption with efficiency of data in heart disease.

  1. Exam Malpractice Detection

The paper proposes a workflow for the automatic detection of anomalous behavior in an examination hall, towards the automated proctoring of tests in classes.

  1. Hate speech Detection

This aims to classify textual content into non-hate or hate speech, in which case the method may also identify the targeting characteristics in the hate speech.

  1. Intrusion Detection using Classification

Intrusion detection system (IDS) is a system that monitors and also analyzes data to detect any intrusion in the system or network.

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